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Driver Trapped in School Bus/Semi Seat

Tue, 26 Aug 2014|

Todd Taylor and company demonstrate methods to extricate a patient who is trapped in the driver seat of a school bus or tractor trailer. Sponsored by Holmatro.



[MUSIC] Hello and welcome to Fire Engineering Training Minutes. My name is Todd Taylor. I'm Battalion Chief of the Wayne Township Fire Department. In today's segment, we're going to talk about the driver being trapped behind the wheel. Whether it be a school bus, which is this case what we're using. Or a semi tractor trailer. All of the same principles will apply. We arrive on the scene. We perform stabilization on the exterior and then enter into the incident scene, whether it be a bus or a semi. As we enter in, the first thing we want to do is ensure the parking brake has been set. If not, simply pull the parking brake. One of the easiest ways. To get the victim out from underneath the steering wheel, may very well be to operate the air ride seat. Simply pushing the button, allowing the air out of the seat, may very well free your patient. If that doesn't work, find the tilt wheel mechanism, and tilt the wheel. If we lower the air out of the seat, and tilt the steering wheel, and there's still not enough room, or there's too much damage to do either of those. We can cut the ring off of the steering wheel. The first thing that we want to do is make sure that we've taken the vehicle down to a zero mechanical state by disconnecting the, the batteries. Once that's done, our rescuers are gonna come in, check to see if there's an airbag. If there is an airbag, we're gonna make sure that we cut the ring and not the spoke. If there's no airbag in place we can cut the ring and the spokes. Rescuer's gonna come in, we put hard protection in place to make sure that we don't injure the patient, or we don't drop that wheel down on the patient. First cut is made on the spokes since there are no steering, or no air bag in place. Once that is made, the second rescuer is going to come in stabilize the wheel. And then the second cut can be made. Once that second cut is made, the entire steering wheel will come away. Depending on what type of steering wheel you have, there may be two or three spokes. Cut all of the spokes. And again, if there's an airbag in place, cut the ring. Under no circumstances should you attempt to cut the steering column. If we attempt to cut the steering column, we will apply force to that steering column, and possibly dislodge that back into our victim. In this segment we've shown three separate ways. To attempt to rescue a victim that is trapped either by a steering wheel or by proximity of the dash itself. Thank you for watching Training Minutes. Thank you Talamatra for sponsoring this event. My name's Todd Taylor.