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Rit Operation

Rit Operation news and technical articles from Fire Engineering. Search Rit Operation latest and archived news and articles


    Magazine Articles

    Wed, 1 Dec 2004

    needed for rapid inter vention team ( RIT ) operations . You already have some basic RIT tools ..... operation); and setting up tools for RIT operations . Irons. Using the irons, the RIT ..... light up exits. Remember, part of RIT operations is being proactive: “If it is predictable

  2. RIT Evolutions in Hotel Provide Valuable Training Lessons

    Online Articles

    Mon, 14 Feb 2005

    outlines and practical scenarios. One scenario covered RIT operations . In a two-week period, more than 300 firefighters from ..... firefighters from seven area fire departments participated in the RIT operations . Instructors focused on street-smart tactics to allow


    Magazine Articles

    Sat, 1 Oct 2005

    perimenting with oversized carabiners in rapid intervention training ( RIT ) operations . We have found them to be a very cost-effective means of speeding up RIT operations . The carabiners discussed here were purchased from a local hardware


    Magazine Articles

    Thu, 1 Apr 2004

    more prevalent and more frequently used by fire departments nationwide, firefighters also look for ways to improve basic RIT operations at the incident scene. Our department has created a RIT bag to improve its RIT deployment. We use the RIT bag to gather

  5. Training Minutes: Firefighter Self-Rescue

    Online Articles

    Thu, 30 Jul 2015

    using personal escape rope. For individual FE videos. MORE TRAINING MINUTES Training Minutes: Rapid Intervention Team ( RIT ) Operations Training Minutes: Paul DeBartolomeo and Lifting Operations Training Minutes: Attacking the Lock Training Minutes: Stabilization

  6. Regional RIT: the Suburban Response to Rapid Intervention

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 13 Apr 2015

    department were sent to a week-long RIT Operations train-the-trainer class in Indianapolis ..... convey the incident command message for RIT operations . From a training perspective, this ..... neighboring mutual-aid responders to staff RIT operations . And although larger fire departments

  7. Structural Firefighting: In Case You Missed It: June 2015 Fire Engineering Features

    Online Articles

    Wed, 1 Jul 2015

    tactically, and the psychological impact of those firefighters left behind. Training Minutes: Rapid Intervention Team ( RIT ) Operations Watch a set of Training Minutes videos dealing with the Mayday, down firefighter removal, and the actions of the rapid

  8. Firefighter Training Video: Training Minutes: Radio Tips

    Online Articles

    Tue, 30 Jun 2015

    SAFETY AND RADIO COMMUNICATION Preventing RIC Radio Chaos: The 3/3 Option Training Minutes: Rapid Intervention Team ( RIT ) Operations MORE NICK MARTIN More Training Minutes Training Minutes: Stretching the Attack Line Training Minutes: Moving the Attack

  9. Fire Service Issues: Fire Blog Roundup 2-27-15: Health, RITs, and Rookies

    Online Articles

    Fri, 27 Feb 2015

    s unlikely we'll see a dramatic reduction in LODDs, Dan Kerrigan says. Saving Our Own Chad Menard asks: Are your RIT operations correct and in place? The Way We Judge Judging a firefighter can come in many forms. Cory Crosbie writes about having

  10. Firefighter Training Drill: Ingenuity in Firefighting Operations

    Online Articles

    Fri, 12 Sep 2014

    Forcing Drop Bars Traditions Training Drill: Window Roll Firefighter Training: Fire Gloves for Fires Firefighting Drill: RIT Operations : Short Ladder for Firefighter Removal Firefighter Training Drill: Parapet Walls More Traditions Training: http