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  1. Structural Firefighting: FDIC 2014 Preview: Jerry Knapp on House Fires

    Online Articles

    Tue, 11 Mar 2014

    Jerry Knapp, training officer at the Rockland County Fire Training Center and longtime Fire Engineering contributor, will be presenting "House Fires: Modern Strategies and Tactics for Aggressive Operations" at FDIC 2014.

  2. Firefighter Fatalities: Video on the Death of Phoenix (AZ) Firefighter Bret Tarver

    Online Articles

    Fri, 14 Mar 2014

    Phoenix (AZ) Fire Department lost Firefighter Bret Tarver was killed in March 2001 in a fire at a supermarket. Check out a YouTube video reflecting on that deadly fire.

  1. ECE Illinois Students Design a Sensor That May Save Firefighters Lives

    Online Articles

    Wed, 5 Mar 2014

    Three senior design students in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Illinois have prototyped a device that could protect firefighters from an invisible danger: searing temperatures.

  2. Fire Service Leadership: FDIC 2014: Pride and Ownership

    Online Articles

    Tue, 4 Mar 2014

    Rick Lasky will be presenting his workshop on "Pride & Ownership" at FDIC 2014.

  3. Fire Service Management: Fire Service Loyalty

    Online Articles

    Wed, 22 Jan 2014

    Loyalty should never be taken for granted because once it disappears, it is almost impossible to rebuild, writes Thomas N. Warren.

  4. Firefighting Techniques: From Wildland Firefighting to Structural Firefighting: Applying LCES

    Online Articles

    Wed, 29 Jan 2014

    Implementing LCES principles for all-hazard incidents will improve your ability to escape from a sudden dangerous changes in incident dynamics, writes Daniel P. Sheridan and Gary Nelson.

  5. Firefighting News: IAFC and Motorola Solutions Foundation Continue Growth of Fire Service Leaders

    Online Articles

    Wed, 19 Feb 2014

    The  International Association of Fire Chiefs  (IAFC) announced it has received a grant as part of the  Motorola Solutions Foundation's  Public Safety and Security Institute; the Motorola Solutions Foundation is the charitable arm of Motorola Solutions, Inc.

  6. Driver-Engineers Debate: This One Or That One?

    Magazine Articles

    Tue, 28 Jan 2014

    Driver-engineers (D-Es) directly control how much water goes on the fire and how quickly it will get there.

  7. Firefighter LODDs: Report Examines Circumstances of 2013 Fire That Killed Dallas (TX) Firefighter

    Online Articles

    Thu, 30 Jan 2014

    A CBS News 11 report looked an internal documents regarding a 2013 apartment fire that killed a Dallas (TX) firefighter.

  8. Firefighter Training: California Firefighters Train on Operations at Large Buildings

    Online Articles

    Tue, 25 Feb 2014

    San Bernardino (CA) firefighters recently conducted training at a large industrial facility in Victorville. The Daily Press (httpbit.ly/1ppQAKK) reported that firefighters conducted evolutions on how to attack a fire inside buildings that are larger than 50,000 square feet. "It shows the challenges