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Room And Contents

Room And Contents news and technical articles from Fire Engineering. Search Room And Contents latest and archived news and articles

  1. Tile Roof: Vertical Ventilation

    Magazine Articles

    Thu, 29 Jan 2015

    below to attack the fire in the attic with handlines may be a more suitable tactic. If the location of the fire is " room and contents " that has not yet had direct impingement on the truss system, conditions on the inside will get hot quickly based

  2. Transitional Attack: When to Use It

    Magazine Articles

    Thu, 23 Oct 2014

    attack on second-floor, room - and - contents fires in an acquired structure ..... of firefighting tactics in room - and - contents fires. One recommendation from ..... stream, and these fires were room - and - contents fires, which may not qualify

  3. Draft Curtain Tactics (An Evaluation of Flow Path Control)

    Online Articles

    Fri, 19 Dec 2014

    RIT member. 4. Using a Draft Curtain-- We had an opportunity to study deploying draft curtains during several room - and - contents fires. During the first fire, once the fire reached a preflashover stage, noted by visible rollover, fire propagation

  4. Firefighter Survival and RIT: Q & A: Justin McCarthy on Down and Dirty Mayday

    Online Articles

    Thu, 11 Dec 2014

    to a Mayday/RIT coordinator is very beneficial to a positive outcome. One IC often has a full plate just at a room - and - contents fire; now throw a RIT situation and it is easy to be overwhelmed. In my opinion, an SOP/SOG would really have

  5. Firefighting: The Odor of Smoke

    Online Articles

    Wed, 8 Oct 2014

    ignited the top of the dresser. Had we given up, I am sure it would have accelerated to the point where it became a room - and - contents fire. On another night tour, we got a call for an odor of smoke in a six-story building . The caller was on

  6. Milwaukee UL Tests


    Mon, 14 Jul 2014

    point that was bi-directional when it was just a room and contents fire and the interior door was intact and the new ..... water He's gonna get a little knock on the con, room and contents first, and then the object here is to have the

    Room And Contents found at 5:03

    your original exit point that was bi-directional when it was just a room and contents fire and the interior door was intact and the new wall was intact. That was a bi-directional vent opening. Things were coming
  7. (fireengineering.com)

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 23 Jun 2014

    To ensure the most important priority in any fire department—the safe return of all personnel—even a room - and - contents fire requires multiple companies on scene and the use of an effective management tool such as the incident command

  8. Fire Service Management: Intelligent Response Structures, Part 1

    Online Articles

    Wed, 13 Aug 2014

    3) The initial response structure methodology for a residential house fire may include resources to handle a room and contents fire. For Part 2 of this article, click HERE Eric G. Bachman , CFPS, is a 32-year fire service and a former

  9. FDIC 2014: Session: Modern Fire Attack Principles: Strategic and Tactical Perspectives

    Conference Sessions

    Mon, 7 Apr 2014

    or an enemy? hydraulics 101; knowing your arsenal, the best fire tactics for attic fires, basement fires, room - and - contents fires, and well-involved floor fires. Lessons learned from tragedies that occurred within the past 13 years

  10. FDIC 2014: Session: High-Rise Operations:Strategic, Tactical, and Task Level

    Conference Sessions

    Sun, 6 Apr 2014

    rise firefighting is exponentially more complicated and dangerous than most other fireground operations. From a room - and - contents apartment fire to the well-involved fire floor of a commercial high-rise, to the ever-present threat of