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Shoring news and technical articles from Fire Engineering. Search Shoring latest and archived news and articles

  1. Creative Thinking in Technical Rescue

    Online Articles

    Wed, 30 Jul 2014

    for use in rope rescue and structural shoring with the hope that it may help you develop ..... Improvising Anchor Points Sloped Floor Shoring Systems A Common-Sense Approach to Technical ..... Vertical Confined Space Entry Tech Rescue: Shoring Operations Size-Up and Plan Development

  2. Hi-Lift Jack Co


    Fri, 21 Nov 2014

    Offerst he new first responder jack used for extrication, heavy rescue, forcible entry, RIT/RIC procedures and stabilization and shoring .

  3. Hurst Jaws of Life Inc


    Thu, 4 Dec 2014

    Manufactures eDRAULIC™, 5,000 PSI, and 10,000 PSI hydraulic rescue tools and power units, as well as air bags, shoring equipment and related accessories.

  4. Collapse Rescue Systems Inc


    Thu, 21 Nov 2013

    Provides training, worldwide in void search, collapse rescue, shoring , trench rescue and and firefighting rescue techniques.

  5. ARK Technical Rescue Training Services Inc


    Thu, 14 Feb 2013

    Provides technical rescue training and consulting services. In business since 1990, the company specializes in structural collapse rescue training, shoring instruction, trench rescue, confined space, high angle rescue and more.

  6. Two NJ Firefighters Injured at Partial Building Collapse

    Online Articles

    Fri, 13 Apr 2012

    Two Hackensack (NJ) firefighters were injured Thursday afternoon while shoring up a building that had suffered a partial collapse earlier in the day. NorthJersey.com reports that bricks from the 100-year

  7. GFD Headquarters - Res-Q-Jack Initial Training

    Press Release

    Wed, 9 Jan 2013

    Jack Products. Members in attendance were impressed by the ease of use and capability. Recognizing a need for additional shoring /stabilization equipment for vehicle and machinery rescue situations, GFD set sites on acquiring a compliment of

  8. Safety Corp of America


    Fri, 17 Feb 2012

    Distributes UltraShore lightweight aluminum shoring .

  9. FDIC 2014: 1-800-BOARDUP: Profile

    Exhibitor Listings

    Thu, 25 Apr 2013

    Board up - roof cover - shoring - stabilization - temporary fencing - temporary power - offices nationwide - victim assistance - work direct with your insurance - Call us and we'll be there in an hour!

  10. CMC Rescue School


    Thu, 22 Mar 2012

    • Emergency Building Shoring Visit us our website for specific information on these courses. CMC ..... Confined Space Entry & Rescue, Trench Rescue, and Emergency Building Shoring . CMC also provides contract classes in Tower Rescue, Tactical Rappelling