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Situational Awareness

Situational Awareness news and technical articles from Fire Engineering. Search Situational Awareness latest and archived news and articles

  1. Situational Awareness : Key to Emergency Response

    Magazine Articles

    Sun, 1 Mar 2009

    BY SCOTT REICHENBACH Situational awareness is the understanding of objects ..... complex and dynamic tasks. Situational awareness is simply “knowing what is ..... What can I do about it? Situational awareness is a key concept in emergency

  2. Firefighter Training: FDIC 2014: Flawed Situational Awareness

    Online Articles

    Thu, 20 Mar 2014

    Dr. Richard Gasaway, founder of Situational Awareness Matters, will present "Flawed Situational Awareness : The Stealth Killer of First Responders ..... fireground command decision making and situational awareness . In his review of hundreds of near

  1. Surviving on the Fireground: Chris Brennan Talks Situational Awareness at FDIC 2011

    Online Articles

    Mon, 21 Mar 2011

    Situational awareness deals with processing information ..... discussed issues regarding firefighter situational awareness and fireground survival during his FDIC 2011 workshop. " Situational awareness has been a buzz word around the

  2. Why Couldn't They See It? Fireground Situational Awareness

    Online Articles

    Mon, 19 Apr 2010

    critical need for cultivating situational awareness on the fireground in his ..... 2010 workshop, "Fireground Situational Awareness ." Often used in the context of military operations, situational awareness refers to the understanding

  3. National Fire Fighter Near-Miss Reporting System: Situational Awareness

    Online Articles

    Thu, 28 Jan 2010

    PD we would find..." The reporter in this week's featured report provides us with a vivid example of high situational awareness . The first indication we note is his reaction to his initial instinct (i.e., little voice in the back of


    Magazine Articles

    Wed, 1 Mar 2006

    deaths? What breakdown in situational awareness led to the sacrifice of ..... of information related to situational awareness near-miss incidents; and ..... resource management (CRM), situational awareness , and firefighter near-miss

  5. FDIC 2014: Session: Flawed Situational Awareness : The Stealth Killer of First Responders

    Conference Sessions

    Wed, 9 Apr 2014

    Situational Awareness Matters Description This program ..... fireground command decision making and situational awareness . In his review of hundreds of near ..... investigate the “barriers” to situational awareness . His research identified 116

  6. The Link Between Disorientation and Situational Awareness

    Magazine Articles

    Thu, 19 Jun 2014

    Christopher Brennan Teaching personnel to maintain their situational awareness will give them a better chance of avoiding disorientation ..... key. This course will discuss the link between situational awareness and disorientation. Download this course as a

  7. National Fire Fighter Near-Miss Reporting System: Fatigue and Situational Awareness

    Online Articles

    Thu, 5 May 2011

    If we are fatigued, our situational awareness can be affected, leading ..... contribute to this near miss. Situational awareness is one factor, fatigue a ..... is the third. Fatigue and situational awareness are inextricably connected

  8. Fire Service Industry News: Nine Questions to Improve Situational Awareness and Preparedness for Violent Incidents

    Online Articles

    Tue, 12 Feb 2013

    them now, and use these as teachable moments in situational awareness . Consider the "what if" in each of these incidents ..... believe every firefighter/medic can agree that situational awareness is important on every call and should become a