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Structural Integrity

Structural Integrity news and technical articles from Fire Engineering. Search Structural Integrity latest and archived news and articles

  1. CT Train Derailment and Mass Casualty Response

    Magazine Articles

    Tue, 19 Nov 2013

    are penetrating into the car around the frame structure that cut through the wall of the westbound train. The structural integrity of the striking car remained intact post-crash. Composite construction materials are visible. [Photo courtesy

  2. Fire Service Industry News: Firefighter Safety Call to Action

    Online Articles

    Mon, 6 Jan 2014

    imagers are not an exclusive reliable indicator of the presence or absence of fire in a basement and cannot assess structural integrity above floor coverings. e. Water application to a fire in a basement should be applied from an exterior access

  3. Grain Bin Rescue

    Magazine Articles

    Tue, 19 Nov 2013

    patterns or stiffeners can compromise the bin's structural integrity . (3) Bolt patterns. (4) External stiffeners ..... only one side of a bin may compromise the bin's structural integrity . You can cut into the bin with several types of

  4. The All Door Side-Out Technique Revisited

    Magazine Articles

    Fri, 24 Jan 2014

    with the metal tearing away and breaking down its structural integrity as well as the initial force direction of the ..... tear away, which in turn eliminates that area's structural integrity . Once the metal's integrity is gone, there

  5. Vehicle Rescue Training for Firefighters: Stabilize the Vehicle

    Online Articles

    Mon, 29 Oct 2012

    vehicles today lose their structural integrity as firefighters perform tool ..... the glass, rounds out the structural integrity . As vehicle components are ..... a crash, the vehicle's structural integrity is compromised. The tool

  6. Attic Fires: Hazards from Above

    Magazine Articles

    Fri, 1 Mar 2013

    renovations may reduce the structural integrity of the building (photos ..... significantly damage the structural integrity of the building, and launching ..... progress, but you must consider structural integrity before committing interior

  7. Three Killed in Miami Parking Garage Collapse

    Online Articles

    Wed, 10 Oct 2012

    inside the rubble. CBS News reports that Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Captain Louie Fernandez said the garage's structural integrity was making the rescue effort difficult. Read more here http://cbsn.ws/OUAgTs UPDATE (10/11/12

  8. Firefighting News: Huge Fire Destroys Chicago Warehouse

    Online Articles

    Wed, 23 Jan 2013

    trib.in/W01zgt . Warehouse fires present numerous firefighting challenges, including the effects of fire on structural integrity and water supply issues. For more on this topic, consider EASTERN AMERICAN TRANSPORT and WAREHOUSE FIRE , PHILADELPHIA

  9. House Fires: New Threats, New Tactics

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 1 Apr 2013

    The Hidden Dangers of Residential Fires" ( Fire Engineering , October 2009), a live-burn study comparing structural integrity of legacy vs. wooden I-beam floor joists showed a legacy floor joist (2 × 10) had a collapse time of 18 minutes

  10. RUTH LEE - General Purpose Rescue Training Manikins


    Wed, 3 Jul 2013

    using a flexible inner core, an outer shell, and strength reinforced coverall. The inner core is weighted to human proportions using 4.4 lb packets of aggregate. For structural integrity , the packets are sewn to a nylon inner dummy.