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Search Drill, Part 1 - Macro Search

In Part 1 of this two-part series on search drills, Samuel Hittle offers this Traditions Training drill regarding mac...

Firefighter Training Drill: The House on the Hill

Join Pittsburgh (PA) Bureau of Fire Firefighter Dan Doyle as he presents this drill lecture at FDIC 2014.

Firefighter Training Drill: Venting Top-Floor Windows from the Roof

Washington, D.C., Fire Department Captain Danny Troxell offers this drill to aid roof personnel in venting top-floor ...

Firefighter Training Drill: Truck Work Before the Truck

This drill details getting essential tools and personnel to the fireground to start performing truck company duties w...

How to Ensure That Your Department Fulfills Its Vision

Why are we here? Why does the fire department exist? What are we trying to achieve each time we show up for our duty ...


The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute have been ...

Firefighter Training Drill: Maintaining Access and Egress

FDNY's Dan Saalfrank of Traditions Training, LLC brings you this drill which focuses on forcible entry and egress wit...

Firefighter Training Drill: Forcing Double Doors with Cross Bar Panic Hardware

This firefighter training drill focuses on one particular method for accessing double doors with cross bar panic hard...

Firefighter Training Drill: Opening Up on Cape Cod-Style Homes

The Cape Cod-style home offers unique challenges within its building components. This training drill is designed to s...

Firefighter Training Drill: Outside-the-Box Apparatus Positioning

Apparatus positioning is paramount at the fire scene. In this "tabletop" drill, make use of your collectibl...

Emergency Power Units

Emergency power unit (EPU) systems, which allow operators to bypass the normal system in a malfunction, are common in...

Firefighter Training Drill: Portable Ladder Tips

Pull your ladders down or slide them out today! Doug Mitchell Jr. of Traditions Training provides a drill on portable...

Firefighter Training Drill: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

This drill provides insight into the importance of observation and response district familiarization. You will also f...

Firefighter Training Drill: Template for Quick Drills

Download a sample template for placing your department's procedures and information to be covered in weekly skills dr...

Traditions Training Drill: Forcing Round Padlocks Encased in Steel Guards on Roll-Down Gates

This drill focuses on one particular procedure that can be used on manual roll down gates that are secured with round...

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UL Fire Safety Journal 1

In Underwriter Laboratories' Fire Safety Journal series you can learn more about the impact that new materials, construction techniqes and emerging technologies have on Fire Safety today.



Firefighters Battle Six-Alarm Cambridge (MA) Fire

Firefighters battled an overnight fire that went to six alarms at an apartment complex.

Training Days

DHS Teams Up With NASA to Find Heartbeats in Rubble

The Department of Homeland Security's Science and Technology Directorate (S&T), in partnership with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory will demonstrate the latest prototype of the Finding Individuals for Disaster and Emergency Response (FINDER)--a radar technology device designed to detect heartbeats of victims trapped in wreckage.


Roundtable: Saving Our Own

Do you periodically put your members through a refresher of the evolutions taught in "Saving Our Own"? Share your thoughts with other Fire Engineering readers.


Search Drill, Part 1 - Macro Search

In Part 1 of this two-part series on search drills, Samuel Hittle offers this Traditions Training drill regarding macro search functions.


VectorCommand and VSTEP Integrates Advanced 3D Simulation into Incident Management Software

VectorCommand, in UK operational command support software for the emergency services and the oil and gas industry, and VSTEP, developer of advanced emergency response training simulators, today announced an exclusive partnership to integrate their products and offer enhanced emergency response training.

Fire Instructor Development

Air Bag Avoidance, Part 1: Air Bag Locations

In part 1 of this four-part series, Brock Archer examines the types of air bags responders will encounter and where they are located in vehicles.

Live Burns

FDIC 2014 Preview: Live Burn Training in Acquired Structures

Greg Fisher, who heads the annual live burning training at FDIC, discusses safety and other considerations to live burns in acquired structures.


FDIC 2014 Recap: BullEx Showcases New and Upcoming Products

Visitors to BullEx’s inside booth received an exclusive preview of its digital hoseline trainer, which will be formally launched later this year.


Attend the 26th Annual National Fire and Emergency Services Dinner and Seminars Program

Before 2,000 fire and emergency officials assemble together at the Washington Hilton for the Congressional Fire Services Institute's 26th annual dinner tradition May 1st, many of them will be spending their time in Washington, DC meeting with their members of Congress and attending the CFSI seminars program.


ISFSI Releases Position Statement on Fire Dynamics Research and Tactics

Given the latest research in fire dynamics and the potential impact on firefighter safety, the ISFSI board of directors unanimously releases this position statement.

Firefighters Support Foundation

Firefighter Training Program: Responding to Gunfire

A new training program from the Firefighters Support Foundation addresses the types of gunfire events that first responders may find themselves at, what their actions should be to protect themselves, and what to do while waiting for SWAT to arrive on-scene.

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