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Van Johnson Selected as First Recipient of $5,000 in Spartan Erv's '€Forged by Fire' Campaign

Spartan ERV (Emergency Response Vehicles) ("Spartan" or the "Company"), a business unit of Sparta...

Air Bag Avoidance, Part 1: Air Bag Locations

In part 1 of this four-part series, Brock Archer examines the types of air bags responders will encounter and where t...

FDIC 2014: Steve Kerber of UL

Steve Kerber of Underwriters Laboratories, this year's winner of the George D. Post/Fire Engineering Instructor of th...

Morris: We Are Obligated to Practice Risk Management

Walter Morris, training program manager of the Maine Fire Service Institute, is a staunch believer in the statement, ...
Pierce Introduces All-New Saber Chassis at FDIC 2014

Pierce Introduces All-New Saber Chassis at FDIC 2014

Pierce unveiled an enhanced version of its Saber custom chassis today at the Fire Department Instructors Conference (...

FDIC 2014: Operating Above the Fire

Milwaukee (WI) Battalion Chief Erich Roden discusses overachievers and innovators in the fire service during his FDIC...

FDIC 2014: Riley, Schultz on Fireground Red Flags

Students in Monday’s FDIC 2014 workshop “Company Officer Development: Red Flags on the Fireground,” were taught how t...

FDIC 2014: Firefighting Tactics for the Modern Fire Environment

"Since operating in the fire service today is much different than in years past, firefighters are fighting fires...

IFSI Recognizes Keith €"Doc" Patterson as March Instructor of Month

The University of Illinois Fire Service Institute (IFSI) recognizes instructors who exemplify quality instruction, st...
Honor Guard Coin to Be Available at FDIC 2014

Honor Guard Coin to Be Available at FDIC 2014

Don't miss your chance to pick up the exclusive Honor Guard Coin at FDIC 2014 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

FDIC 2014: Keep Up Your 'Reading Smoke' Skills

If you haven't been to many structure fires lately, your "reading smoke" skills may have diminished. Join D...

FDIC 2014 Preview: Forcible Exiting

Captain Buster Cooper of the Conway (AR) Fire Department tackles the issue of dealing with fortified rear doors in hi...

Are You Listening to the Research?

Brian P. Kazmierzak and Drew R. Smith ask, When was the last time there was actually science behind our tactics in th...

FDIC 2014: Making Critical Fireground Decisions

Kansas City (MO) Battalion Chief Jeff Johnson will present the workshop "Blink: Making Critical Fireground Decis...

FDIC 2014 Preview: Branding Your Fire Department

Contra Costa (CA) County Fire Battalion Chief Bob Atlas and Judon Cherry of will discuss the role of n...

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UL Fire Safety Journal 1

In Underwriter Laboratories' Fire Safety Journal series you can learn more about the impact that new materials, construction techniqes and emerging technologies have on Fire Safety today.



Firefighters Battle Multi-Alarm Pennsylvania Motel Fire

Firefighters battled a fire that went to five alarms today at a motel in Muhlenberg, Pennsylvania.

Training Days

DHS Teams Up With NASA to Find Heartbeats in Rubble

The Department of Homeland Security's Science and Technology Directorate (S&T), in partnership with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory will demonstrate the latest prototype of the Finding Individuals for Disaster and Emergency Response (FINDER)--a radar technology device designed to detect heartbeats of victims trapped in wreckage.


Roundtable: Saving Our Own

Do you periodically put your members through a refresher of the evolutions taught in "Saving Our Own"? Share your thoughts with other Fire Engineering readers.


Search Drill, Part 2 - Micro Search

In Part 2 of this two-part series on search drills, Samuel Hittle offers this Traditions Training drill regarding micro search functions.


Health Hazard Evaluation Report Demonstrates Importance of Wearing PPE During Training Exercises

A program from the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) allows private sector employees and employers as well as federal, state, or local government workplaces concerned about a possible health hazard in a workplace to request a Health Hazard Evaluation (HHE).

Fire Instructor Development

Van Johnson Selected as First Recipient of $5,000 in Spartan Erv's '€Forged by Fire' Campaign

Spartan ERV (Emergency Response Vehicles) ("Spartan" or the "Company"), a business unit of Spartan Motors, Inc. (NASDAQ: SPAR), debuted its "Forged by Fire" marketing campaign in January of this year to celebrate the firefighter and the many untold stories from the front line.

Live Burns

FDIC 2014 Preview: Live Burn Training in Acquired Structures

Greg Fisher, who heads the annual live burning training at FDIC, discusses safety and other considerations to live burns in acquired structures.


FDIC 2014 Recap: BullEx Showcases New and Upcoming Products

Visitors to BullEx’s inside booth received an exclusive preview of its digital hoseline trainer, which will be formally launched later this year.


IAFC Member Offers NTSB Ideas to Plan for the Safe Rail Transport of Crude Oil and Ethanol

Assistant Chief Rick Edinger, vice chair of the IAFC's Hazardous Materials Committee, today testified at the National Transportation Safety Board forum, Rail Safety: Transportation of Crude Oil and Ethanol.


ISFSI Releases Position Statement on Fire Dynamics Research and Tactics

Given the latest research in fire dynamics and the potential impact on firefighter safety, the ISFSI board of directors unanimously releases this position statement.

Firefighters Support Foundation

Firefighter Training Program: Responding to Gunfire

A new training program from the Firefighters Support Foundation addresses the types of gunfire events that first responders may find themselves at, what their actions should be to protect themselves, and what to do while waiting for SWAT to arrive on-scene.

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