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Fire Instructor Development

Fire Instructor Development Articles

Throw Back to Basics: Catching a Hydrant

This week's firefighting basics training bulletin from Brian Zaitz focuses on an activity that may not always be given much thought: catching the h...

Training Minutes: Ric Jorge on Roof Safety

In this firefighter training video, Ric Jorge and company demonstrate a method for securing viable working space when dealing with "steep, sli...

Training Officer's Toolbox: Air Consumption

How well do you know your crew's air consumption capabilities? In this week's training bulletin, Brian Ward provides two air consumption drills for...

Throw Back to Basics: Down Firefighter Air Supply

This week's firefighter basics training bulletin reviews procedures the rapid intervention crew must take to assist a down firefighter.

Training Officer's Toolbox: Influence

As an officer, of any rank, there are several ways you influence your team members. Discuss this week's topic with your team and see where your tea...

Training Minutes: Chain Removal for One Firefighter

Ric Jorge and Donny Stefani discuss the "Treasure Coast Tensioner," a technique that allows a single firefighter to rapidly remove a link...

Bid on TEEX/ESTI Training in the NVFC Auction

Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) and Emergency Services Training Institute (ETSI) have donated $3,660 worth of training to the NV...

Ideologues and Their Bad Behavior

There are some in the fire service today who speak about and write about how we should change. About what we should change.

Training Minutes: Securing a Ladder on Pavement

In this firefighter training video, Ric Jorge and company demonstrate a method for securing a ladder on pavement using some hand tools.

Training Minutes: Blind Forcible Entry

How do you force entry on a door when your vision is obscured by smoke? Walt Lewis and company on how firefighters can perform forcible entry blind...

Forcible Entry: One-Firefighter Operation: Gaining Entry with a Rotary Saw

Many fire departments around the country face short-staffed firegrounds.

Forcible Entry: Defeating a Swing Arm Security Latch

Fire departments across the country often face swing arm security latches on doors.

Training Minutes: Securing a Ground Ladder

In this Training Minutes video, Ric Jorge demonstrates another method for stabilizing an unattended ground ladder using rope and carabiners.

Operational Resilience

G. Howard Blythe examines this operational structure which can continually be refined and expanded to include all operations in which emergency ser...

Training Minutes: Throwing Multiple Ladders

In this Training Minutes video, Walt Lewis and company demonstrate a way to efficiently and effectively throw multiple ladders on the fireground.

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UL Fire Safety Journal 1

In Underwriter Laboratories' Fire Safety Journal series you can learn more about the impact that new materials, construction techniqes and emerging technologies have on Fire Safety today.



Construction Concerns: Fuels and Fire Behavior

In his new Construction Concerns, Gregory Havel looks at the different ways and definitions of how temperature is measured and how it applies to fire behavior.


Roundtable: Officer Development

What preparation for promotion does your department formally provide once the testing is complete and the list is established? Share your experienc...


Drill: Forcible Entry—Outward Opening Doors and Limited Space

Donald L. Wedding offers this new drill that demonstrates using the “spike” of the halligan to force narrow outward opening doors (less than 30 inc...


What Would You Do? Car Accident, Wires Down

This firefighter training simulation from Skip Coleman involves a multi-car accident that causes a power line to fall on top of another vehicle.

Live Burns

McHenry (IL) Fire Protection District Firefighters Conduct Live-Fire Training

Fire photographer Tim Olk recently captured some photos of firefighters with the McHenry Township (IL) Fire Protection District conducting live-fir...


Lockport (NY) Firefighters Pursue Training Center

Firefighters with the city of Lockport, New York, have gotten approval to install a new fire training center in a former restaurant, according to a...


Xtralis VESDA-E VEA Named 2015 Campus Safety BEST Award Winner

The award is the 11th for VESDA-E series detectors since introduction in 2014.


Ideologues and Their Bad Behavior

There are some in the fire service today who speak about and write about how we should change. About what we should change.

Firefighters Support Foundation

Video on Effects of Fire on Stored Ammunition

The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute (SAAMI) has produced a free 30-minute video showing the effects of fire on stored ammuniti...

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