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Fire Instructor Development

Fire Instructor Development Articles

Illinois Society of Fire Service Instructors Announces Training Program Manager

Training Program Manager (TPM) is a new Illinois certification course aimed at those who wish to understand all areas of management of an emergency...

IFSI's Jamar Sullivan named Instructor of the Month

The University of Illinois Fire Service Institute (IFSI) recognizes instructors who exemplify quality instruction, student engagement, professional...

VSTEP introduces Advanced Fire Fighting Simulator for Shipboard Incidents

Following an extensive trial period and pilot sessions with professional AFF instructors and crews, VSTEP officially launches its Advanced Fire Fig...

Throw Back to Basics: Rotary Saw

In his new Throw Back to Basics, Brian Zaitz looks at this vital fire service tool and how best to operate it when it is needed most.

Argon Electronics Releases Second Generation of Award Winning CBRN Simulator, PlumeSIM

Argon Electronics in simulation systems industry focused on platforms for defence from chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) attack...

Learning and Leading

You begin as a learner and then become a leader-teaching others. It's "the circle of fire service life." PATRICK J. CHAMPAGNE   ...

Size-Up: Why Can't Johnny Read the Building?

Why some probies miss critical scene size-up information and some officers miss what is right in front of them. Frank Ricci and Sam Villani III&nbs...

Leading Today's Fire Service Youth: Using History to Understand Motivation

Although two qualities of today's youth-narcissism and entitlement-may not be conducive to the fire station or the fireground, their sense of civic...

Transgressions and Forgiveness

A friend called the other day and asked a question and hoped it would not insult me, but he was very upset and needed to vent to someone. 

Construction Concerns: Porches, Decks, and Stairs

In his new Construction Concerns, Gregory Havel looks at these common structures that responding firefighters may overlook.

Throw Back to Basics: Ground Ladder Markings

Ground ladders are critical firefighting tool; get them off the rig, practice with, them and ensure they are marked for use on the fireground, writ...

National Volunteer Fire Council Call for Presentations

The National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) is now accepting presentation proposals from qualified instructors to educate first responders on i...

Throw Back to Basics: Catching a Hydrant

This week's firefighting basics training bulletin from Brian Zaitz focuses on an activity that may not always be given much thought: catching the h...

Training Minutes: Ric Jorge on Roof Safety

In this firefighter training video, Ric Jorge and company demonstrate a method for securing viable working space when dealing with "steep, sli...

Training Officer's Toolbox: Air Consumption

How well do you know your crew's air consumption capabilities? In this week's training bulletin, Brian Ward provides two air consumption drills for...

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UL Fire Safety Journal 1

In Underwriter Laboratories' Fire Safety Journal series you can learn more about the impact that new materials, construction techniqes and emerging technologies have on Fire Safety today.



Two-Alarm Fire Breaks Out at Quincy (MA) Fire

Crews are investigating a marina fire that incinerated 11 boats, sinking three, in Quincy, Massachusetts.


What Would You Do? Restaurant Fire

This fire occurs in a restaurant approximately 30 minutes before opening for the day. View a new firefighter training simulation video from Skip Co...


Firefighter Training Drill: Alternate Tower Ladder Setups

This drill from Nick Martin discusses some options to reduce this distance and encourage you to learn your apparatus' specifications and capabiliti...


What Would You Do? Single-Family Dwelling Fire

This fire occurs in a single-family dwelling at daybreak. Check out a new training simulation from John "Skip" Coleman.

Live Burns

McHenry (IL) Fire Protection District Firefighters Conduct Live-Fire Training

Fire photographer Tim Olk recently captured some photos of firefighters with the McHenry Township (IL) Fire Protection District conducting live-fir...


Lockport (NY) Firefighters Pursue Training Center

Firefighters with the city of Lockport, New York, have gotten approval to install a new fire training center in a former restaurant, according to a...


More Boundary Management

A timely management topic we started to discuss last month is how organizational boundaries are established, maintained, and revised-they pretty mu...


Ideologues and Their Bad Behavior

There are some in the fire service today who speak about and write about how we should change. About what we should change.

Firefighters Support Foundation

Video on Effects of Fire on Stored Ammunition

The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute (SAAMI) has produced a free 30-minute video showing the effects of fire on stored ammuniti...

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October 9, 2015

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — The latest on the rainstorm that pounded parts of the East Coast (all times local):

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