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FDIC 2014: Steve Kerber of UL

Fri, Apr 11, 2014

Steve Kerber of Underwriters Laboratories, this year's winner of the George D. Post/Fire Engineering Instructor of the Year Award, will be discussing fire dynamics and research during today's FDIC 2014 live Google Hangout.

Morris: We Are Obligated to Practice Risk Management

Fri, Apr 11, 2014

Walter Morris, training program manager of the Maine Fire Service Institute, is a staunch believer in the statement, "Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it."

Pierce Introduces All-New Saber Chassis at FDIC 2014

Thu, Apr 10, 2014

Pierce unveiled an enhanced version of its Saber custom chassis today at the Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) in Indianapolis.

FDIC 2014: Operating Above the Fire

Wed, Apr 9, 2014

Milwaukee (WI) Battalion Chief Erich Roden discusses overachievers and innovators in the fire service during his FDIC 2014 keynote.

FDIC 2014: Riley, Schultz on Fireground Red Flags

Mon, Apr 7, 2014

Students in Monday’s FDIC 2014 workshop “Company Officer Development: Red Flags on the Fireground,” were taught how to identify “red flags” on the fireground that indicated impending danger or risk.

FDIC 2014: Firefighting Tactics for the Modern Fire Environment

Sun, Apr 6, 2014

"Since operating in the fire service today is much different than in years past, firefighters are fighting fires that burn much hotter and faster, and the required skill set for firefighters is much broader than simply putting out fires, the fire service must change the way it instructs its members,” stresses Lt. Scott Kraut, Fairfax County (VA) Fire and Rescue. The instructor for the “Modern Training Techniques for Tactical Success” workshop on Monday, explains: “When considering the low-frequency/high-risk model in all of the tasks that fire service members respond to in today’s world, training has never been more important.”

IFSI Recognizes Keith €"Doc" Patterson as March Instructor of Month

Mon, Mar 24, 2014

The University of Illinois Fire Service Institute (IFSI) recognizes instructors who exemplify quality instruction, student engagement, professional demeanor and knowledge base.

Honor Guard Coin to Be Available at FDIC 2014

Fri, Mar 21, 2014

Don't miss your chance to pick up the exclusive Honor Guard Coin at FDIC 2014 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

FDIC 2014: Keep Up Your 'Reading Smoke' Skills

Wed, Mar 19, 2014

If you haven't been to many structure fires lately, your "reading smoke" skills may have diminished. Join Dave Dodson at this year's FDIC for a refresher in the form of a workshop and breakout session.

FDIC 2014 Preview: Forcible Exiting

Tue, Mar 18, 2014

Captain Buster Cooper of the Conway (AR) Fire Department tackles the issue of dealing with fortified rear doors in his FDIC 2014 classroom "Forcible Exiting."

Are You Listening to the Research?

Mon, Mar 17, 2014

Brian P. Kazmierzak and Drew R. Smith ask, When was the last time there was actually science behind our tactics in the United States?

FDIC 2014: Making Critical Fireground Decisions

Mon, Mar 17, 2014

Kansas City (MO) Battalion Chief Jeff Johnson will present the workshop "Blink: Making Critical Fireground Decisions" at FDIC 2014.

FDIC 2014 Preview: Branding Your Fire Department

Wed, Mar 12, 2014

Contra Costa (CA) County Fire Battalion Chief Bob Atlas and Judon Cherry of will discuss the role of new media in fire department "branding" at FDIC 2014.

FDIC 2014 Preview: Modern Training Techniques for Tactical Success

Tue, Mar 11, 2014

Fairfax County (VA) Fire and Rescue Lieutenant Scott Kraut will be presenting a workshop on modern fire training techniques at this year's FDIC.

FDIC 2014 Interview: General Session Keynote Speaker George Healy

Mon, Mar 10, 2014

FDIC Conference Director Diane Rothschild recently spoke with Battalion Chief George Healy, Fire Department of New York, who will give his keynote on "Keeping Healthy Fire Department Traditions" at the FDIC 2014 General Session, about the whole FDIC "experience."

Construction Concerns: Plaster

Thu, Mar 6, 2014

Plaster is known to have been in use for more than 9,000 years. Greg Havel has more on how new uses of this construction material may affect firefighters responding to emergencies at buildings that use it.

Simple Solutions to Responses in Flooded Basements

Wed, Mar 5, 2014

Firefighters learn to improvise to solve problems and assist those who call them for help.

March 2014

Wed, Mar 5, 2014

I am a 25-year veteran of the fire service. I was recently appointed acting chief after serving 15 years as a lieutenant on an engine company.

FDIC 2014 Preview: Command, Control, and Accountability

Tue, Mar 4, 2014

At FDIC 2014, North Hudson (NJ) Regional Fire and Rescue Deputy Chief Anthony Avillo will be presenting a workshop entitled
"Fireground Strategies: Command, Control, and Accountability."

FDIC 2014 Preview: Blue Card Simulation Lab and Conference

Thu, Feb 27, 2014

Alan, Nick, and John Brunacini will be presenting the Blue Card Simulation Lab and Conference at this year's FDIC.

Interview with 2014 Instructor of the Year Award Recipient Steve Kerber

Thu, Feb 27, 2014

FDIC Conference Director Diane Rothschild recently spoke with Director Stephen Kerber, UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute, the recipient of the 2014 Fire Engineering/ISFSI George D. Post Instructor of the Year Award at the FDIC 2014 General Session, about the whole FDIC "experience."

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