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What Would You Do? Overturned Tanker Fire

This fire involves an overturned tanker with a 1203 placard. The fire appears to be from a leak of the front tank car near the cab area of the tractor. Check out a new training scenario from Skip Coleman.

Firefighter Simulations

Free Firefighting Simulations for Firefighter Training Commercial Taxpayer Fire Simulation

It is a cold, clear, dry Sunday in March. Dispatch reports that callers see smoke coming out of a vacant property on the corner of 128th Ave. and Harmony. The vacant property adjoins several commercial businesses...


Free Firefighting Simulations for Firefighter TrainingBedroom Fire

Take control of the fireground in this free online simulation. Practice ventilation and positive pressure operations at a structure fire. Includes training documents like a size-up guide and sample scenario.


Free Firefighting Simulations for Firefighter TrainingBus Accident Mass Casualty Incident (MCI)

This firefighter-EMT training simulation depicts an overturned school bus on the Northbound lane of Interstate-95 in the late afternoon. Responders arrive at the rear of the bus (on the Northbound side), but can navigate through and around the bus, as well as onto the Southbound side.


Free Firefighting Simulations for Firefighter TrainingDeli Fire

Check out a free interactive simulation that lets you train on tactical decision making at a taxpayer deli fire. Features supplementary training documents including size-up tips and comprehensive control sheet.


Free Firefighting Simulations for Firefighter TrainingFast Food Restaurant Fire

It is a cool, clear, fall day with no wind. Around 3 p.m., bystanders notice smoke and fire coming from the roof of the Fire Pit, a local fast-food restaurant. The employees don't even know that the building is on fire...


Free Firefighting Simulations for Firefighter TrainingGarage Fire

911 dispatch has received a call reporting smoke coming from the garage of a neighbor's house. How do you respond? You can use this free Web simulation, today, to train your firefighters and officers.


Free Firefighting Simulations for Firefighter Training Hazmat Simulation: Automobile vs. Tank Car

It is a cold Fall morning. Dispatch receives a call from a bystander that an automobile has collided with a tank car...


Free Firefighting Simulations for Firefighter TrainingPump Operator Simulation: The Basics

This simulation provides you with a set of basic skill exercises for your drivers/pump operators, from apparatus inspection to operating the pump panel.


Free Firefighting Simulations for Firefighter TrainingRow House Fire

Just after 10 a.m. on a hot Sunday, 911 dispatch has received a call reporting smoke coming from the third floor windows of a row house that neighbors thought was vacant. Use this free Web training tool to practice training in a safe environment.


Free Firefighting Simulations for Firefighter TrainingRow Home Kitchen Fire (or Meth Lab)

This firefighting simulation scenario depicts a kitchen fire in an ordinary brick and joist constructed building with a one-story wood frame extension in the rear.


Free Firefighting Simulations for Firefighter Training Residential Fire Simulation: Wood Frame, Asphalt Siding

It is a cool, clear, Fall weekend day with with a strong wind blowing from side B to side D. Around 10 a.m., dispatch receives calls from neighbors reporting that a two-story house is on fire...


Free Firefighting Simulations for Firefighter TrainingHigh-Rise Dorm Fire

This free online simulation allows you to pressurize a stairwell using positive pressure and practice using an elevator to review your high-rise procedures.


Developing a Simulation Training Program

In 2004, the Houston (TX) Fire Department (HFD) began an officer development program to train all current officers and members eligible to operate in that position. The program is divided into three modalities: chief officer (CODC), company officer (ODC), and newly promoted officer (NPO). We formed a committee of officers representing different geographical locations and shifts and began writing a curriculum. At the same time, the department was conducting its annual aircraft rescue firefighting (ARFF) large-scale certification drill. At the postincident briefing, we observed that participating officers and chief officers vigorously debated the various strategies and tactics employed, while the firefighters were busy examining the insides of their eyelids.

CommandSim wins prestigious Adobe award

CommandSim, producers of simulation technology for virtual emergency responder training that yields real results, is proud to announce it was selected recently as the winner of the prestigious Adobe MAX award in the ‘Public Sector’ category.

Simulation Training: Decision-Making Aid

Pulling up to a burning building, you see fire and smoke. You are attempting to process an overwhelming amount of information as you view this dramatic scene.

Garage fire simulation demo

Simulation creator Frank Montagna narrates a video that shows ways to use the CommandSim/Incident Tactics garage fire simulation.

Fire Engineering Simulations: It's Your Call

The use of simulations has been a firefighter training tool for generations. Test your fireground command abilities with our first-ever Fire Engineering simulation.

Fire Engineering Simulation reactions

Read what some of the experts are saying about Fire Engineering's online training simulation.