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The International Society of Fire Service Instructors (ISFSI)

The International Society of Fire Service Instructors (ISFSI)ISFSI Fall Conference 2013

Join the most distinguished instructors in the world October 2013 at the South Carolina Fire Academy! Everyone is watching as you lead the training in your department. Whether you’re overseeing training or participating in day to day instruction, this three-day conference will provide you invaluable tools to Lead from the Front! For more info, e-mail Jamie.Lorello@isfsi.org.


  • ISFSI Live Fire Fixed Facility Instructor Credential Program:
    • September 3-5, 2013 Central County Fire & Rescue: St. Peter's, Missouri (Flyer, PDF)
    • September 13-15, 2013 Grand Rapids Fire; Grand Rapids, Michigan
    • September 27-29, 2013 Peace River Fire Department; Peace River, Alberta, Canada (Flyer, PDF)
    • October 15-17, 2013 South Carolina Fire Academy; Columbia, South Carolina (Flyer, PDF)
    • October 29-31, 2013 Pike Township Fire Department; Indianapolis, Indiana (Flyer, PDF)
    • November 19-21, 2013 Chesterfield Fire & EMS; Chesterfield, Virginia
    • December 3-5, 2013 Mississippi State Fire Academy; Jackson, Mississippi
    • January 21-23, 2014 Springfield Fire; Springfield, Missouri
  • ISFSI Fall Conference, October 18-2013 South Carolina Fire Academy; Columbia, South Carolina

For information regarding these classes or about hosting a class, please contact Jamie Lorello at jamie.lorello@isfsi.org.

Download a PDF brochure on ISFSI live fire training HERE (5 MB).

ISFSI Launches New Web site

The ISFSI is getting a fresh new look. The new ISFSI Web site will be launched August 2013. The site features a brand new look and remarkable new membership-based enhancements. Members are able to manage their own profiles and network with other members. The system also allow members to download and share instructional resources created by both the society and other members. The site also has the capability to run online professional development programs.

Along with the launch of the fresh Web site, ISFSI will be launching an Online Learning Management System (LMS) with the deliverable from the grant that was completed at the beginning of this year through the live fire research burns held in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Launching the grant deliverable is an outstanding accomplishment in our mission to improve firefighter safety and training. The launch of this online training package will be released with the brand new ISFSI Online Learning Management System (LMS)  on July 30, 2013. Expect big changes to our Web site, as well, that will really enhance and improve your experience with the ISFSI. Preparing for the release of this learning package is something that you can share with your entire department. In addition, the ISFSI Board is working hard on additional add-ons that will be available in the members only section of the Web site.

ISFSI News and Articles

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ISFSI -- The Voice

A podcast version of the ISFSI weekly newsletter

ISFSI - The Voice: Brian Kazmierzak, Fire Instructor of the Year
Brian Kazmierzak, ISFSI/Fire Engineering George D Post Instructor of the Year, talks about local training as well as his involvement in firefighterclosecalls.com.

ISFSI - The Voice: Live from FDIC 2011: Rich Gasaway
Dr. Richard Gasaway, chancellor of the new ISFSI fire instructor credentialing program, reviews the program and how to become a Master Fire Instructor live from the floor of FDIC 2011.

ISFSI - The Voice: Division Chief Chad Abel of the Fishers (IN) Fire Department
Division Chief Chad Abel of Fishers (IN) Fire Department/Division of Education and Safety discusses the new Fire Department Required Training Self Assessment Guide. Every fire department training officer that has been tasked with meeting the requirements of ISO, OSHA, and the NFPA has faced the reality of how confusing that task can be.

ISFSI - The Voice: National Firefighter Near-Miss Reporting System and Fire Training Host Steve Pegram interviews Steve Mormino from the IAFC National Firefighter Near-Miss Reporting System. Mormino is a retired FDNY lieutenant and ex-chief of the South Farmingdale (NY) Fire Department. For the past few years, he has been working with the Firefighter Near Miss program delivering training and other programs to help departments use the near-miss program as part of their training.

ISFSI - The Voice: Credentialing, Awards, and FDIC 2011
Host Steve Pegram and ISFSI President Eddie Buchanan talk about FDIC 2011; George D. Post Instructor of Year Award nominations; the ISFSI fire instructor credentialing program and 1403 Live Fire Instructor Program; and a 2011 dues increase.

ISFSI - The Voice: Modern Construction Considerations for Company Officers
Host Steve Pegram talks to Shane Ray, Fire Chief of Pleasantview (TN) and past-vice presidents of the ISFSI, and Brian Collins, ISFSI Grant Program Manger and Brentwood (TN) Fire Department lieutenant, about the ISFSI's new training program, "Modern Construction Considerations for Company Officers." This training packet combines much of the research by UL, NIST, and other research labs on lightweight building construction and fire hazards related to these construction techniques.

ISFSI - The Voice: Mike Ciampo at FDIC 2010
At FDIC 2010, FDNY Lieutenant Mike Ciampo discusses his contribution to Fire Engineering's Handbook for Firefighter I and II, specifically his chapter on ladders. Mike also discusses creating training while on runs.

ISFSI - The Voice: Rick Lasky at FDIC 2010
At FDIC 2010, Chief Rick Lasky of the Lewisville (TX) Fire Department discusses Pride & Ownership, FDIC, and the ISFSI.

ISFSI - The Voice: John "Skip" Coleman at FDIC 2010
At FDIC 2010, Skip Coleman, assistant chief (ret.) of the Toledo (OH) Fire Department, discusses his books and his new/up coming project on fireground search.

ISFSI - The Voice: John Salka at FDIC 2010
At FDIC 2010, John Salka talks about his two books, including his new Fire Engineering book on engine company operations, and company training in FDNY.

ISFSI - The Voice: Anthony Avillo at FDIC 2010
At FDIC 2010, Anthony Avillio talks about his book and training North Hudson (NJ) Regional Fire and Rescue.

ISFSI - The Voice: John Norman at FDIC 2010
At FDIC 2010, FDNY Chief (Ret.) John Norman speaks about his Pennwell books, "Fire Officer Handbook" and "Special Operations." John also speaks about the transition of training firefighters for FDNY Special Operations after 9/11.

ISFSI - The Voice: Reputation Management
This episode of the The Voice features past president of the Cumberland Valley Volunteer Fireman's Association, Steve Austin, discussing the issue of "reputation management" in the fire service. Listen in to find out how this impacts you as an instructor or company officer and what you can do to help. Be sure to download the Reputation Management White Paper HERE (PDF, 266KB).

ISFSI - The Voice: Deputy Chief Geoff Coon of the North Pole (AK) Fire Department
Think you're cold? Listen in as host Steve Pegram talks with Deputy Chief Geoff Coon of the North Pole (AK) Fire Department. Chief Coon discusses how they manage a fire department is such extreme temperatures and the challenges of running their fire department from a training perspective.

ISFSI - The Voice: FDIC 2010 Preview
This edition of The Voice features host Steve Pegram and Fire Engineering Editor-in-Chief Bobby Halton talking about the upcoming FDIC in April. Also in this episode, the ISFSI is proud to announce that Fire Engineering is the official magazine of the Instructor's Society.

ISFSI - The Voice: Captain Mike Contreras from the Orange County (CA) Fire Authority
Steve Pegram talks training with Captain Mike Contreras from the Orange County (CA) Fire Authority (OCFA), which was featured in the Fox Reality Series in which the cameras followed Recruit School #36 through the rigors of basic training. Mike talks about the OCFA approach to training and what it was like to be followed by the cameras while trying to run an academy. This is a MUST LISTEN episode of The Voice for every instructor!

ISFSI - The Voice: ISFSI Update
This edition of the ISFSI Voice features host Steve Pegram, fire chief of Goshen (OH) FIre Department, chatting with ISFSI President Eddie Buchanan. The two discuss the latest happenings with the society and have a discussion on academic integrity, also known as "pencil whipping."

ISFSI - The Voice: Volunteer Firefighter Training
This edition of The Voice features Ed Kline, Deputy Chief of the South Media Fire Company in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Listen in as host Steve Pegram and Chief Kline discuss training in a volunteer-based system.

ISFSI - The Voice: Next Year's Training
This edition of the ISFSI Voice features Alan Walls, division chief of training at Colerain Township, Ohio. Listen in as Steve Pegram talks with Alan about planning your training for the next year.

ISFSI - The Voice: The Blue Card System
In this edition of The Voice, Steve Pegram chats with John Brunacini about the "Blue Card System." The program is a certification for incident commanders for type 4 and 5 incidents. Listen in as they go over the basics of the program.

ISFSI - The Voice: Vision for Fire Service Training
This edition of The Voice features Steve Pegram and Eddie Buchanan chatting with the new ISFSI board members Bobby Halton and Forest Reeder. Listen in as the group discusses their beliefs and vision on fire service training and education.

ISFSI - The Voice: International Society of Fire Service Instructors Update
This edition of The Voice podcast features host Steve Pegram catching up with ISFSI President, Eddie Buchanan to discuss the latest news on the Society. Listen in as they discuss the latest training opportunities!

ISFSI - The Voice: Billy Goldfeder on Safety
This edition of the ISFSI Voice features the President of the Firefighter Health & Safety Section and creator of the "Secret List," Billy Goldfeder. Listen in as host Steve Pegram and Chief Goldfeder discuss what the Safety Week is all about.

ISFSI - The Voice: John Tippett on Firefighter Near Misses
With Safety, Health and Survival Week coming in June for the Fire Service, The Voice will focus on health and safety topics for the next few episodes. Kicking things off is Chief John Tippett, currently Battalion Chief with Montgomery County, Maryland and soon to be Deputy Chief of Operations for Charleston, South Carolina

ISFSI - The Voice: Albert Schlick on NFPA 1500
This edition of the The Voice features Division Chief Albert Schlick from the Wauconda (IL) Fire District. Listen in as Chief Schlick and host Steve Pegram discuss the NFPA 1500 and other standards and how they impact training.

ISFSI - The Voice: Tom Harrington on the AFG Program
This edition of The Voice features Tom Harrington from the Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program. If you are considering applying for a grant or have questions, this show is a must for you!

ISFSI - The Voice: NFPA 1407, RIT Standard
This edition of The Voice features Chief Kenneth Richards of the Old Mystic (CT) Fire Department. Chief Richards is the task group leader for the new NFPA standard on Rapid Intervention Training (NFPA 1407). Host, Steve Pegram and Chief Richards go through the standard to understand what the new standard means for instructors. Download the draft standard to follow along at: http://www.nfpa.org/Assets/Files/PDF/ROP/1407-F2009-ROP.pdf

ISFSI - The Voice: Podcasting in Your Department
This edition of The Voice features the Miami Township (OH) Fire Department. Listen as Chief Dave Fulmer, Firefighter/Medic Brian Shaw, and Firefighter/Medic Brian Scott discuss how their department got started in podcasting. They discuss purchasing the right equipment and the expertise necessary to record and produce your very own podcast in your department.

ISFSI - The Voice: Warren Campbell from the NFA
This edition of the The Voice features Warren Campbell from the National Fire Academy. Warren is the Program Manager for TRADE and FESHE. Listen as host Steve Pegram discusses these two great opportunities for fire service instructors.

ISFSI - The Voice: What's ahead for 2009
In this episode, host Steve Pegram chats with ISFSI President Eddie Buchanan about what's planned for the ISFSI in 2009. Listen as they discuss the projects and opportunities with the organization.

ISFSI - The Voice: Planning Your 2009 Training Calendar
The first edition of the 2009 The Voice features host Steve Pegram discussing planning the training calendar for the year with Brian Kazmierzak of the Clay Fire Territory in South Bend, Indiana. Brian offers great advice on how to structure your training program to meet a variety of needs throughout the year. Brian also discusses how the accreditation process can impact a departments efficiency and enhance training.

ISFSI - The Voice: Perry Denehy on rehab
This edition of The Voice podcast features Perry Denehy from the Loveland-Symmes (OH) Fire Department and Sycamore School District in Ohio. Perry is an athletic trainer with an extensive background in rehabilitation. Host, Steve Pegram talks with Perry about how to properly rehab firefighters.

ISFSI - The Voice: Mike Finney of the Open Fire Academy
This edition of The Voice features Mike Finney from the Open Fire Academy. Mike also serves on the Board of Directors for the ISFSI. Host Steve Pegram chats with Mike about e-learning opportunities.

ISFSI - The Voice: Nate DeMarse interview
This edition of The Voice features Nate DeMarse, founder of Brotherhood Instructors, LLC and photo editor for Fire Engineering Magazine and FireEngineering.com.

ISFSI - The Voice: John Barrett of Honor Their Sacrifices
This week's edition of The Voice features Firefighter John Barrett of the Plano (TX) Fire Department. John is founder of www.honortheirsacrifices.com, a Web site dedicated to learning the lessons of past line-of-duty deaths. Host Steve Pegram chats with John about how instructors can use this site as a training resource.

ISFSI - The Voice: Danielle Kagan interview
This edition of the The Voice features Danielle Kagan from Fireman's Fund Insurance discussing grant opportunities for fire departments and training programs.

ISFSI - The Voice: Internet Resources
This edition features Nick Martin with Washington, D.C. Fire & EMS. Host Steve Pegram talks with Nick about Web resources instructors can use to enhance their training programs. ISFSI President Eddie Buchanan checks in to announce an exclusive 10 percent discount on FDIC registration for ISFSI members.

ISFSI - The Voice: New Instructor Text
This edition features Forest Reeder and Alan Joos, the primary authors on the new book, Fire Service Instructors: Principles and Practicals! The new text was developed through the IAFC, NFPA, and ISFSI! Hear Steve Pegram discuss how the job of the instructor has changed and some of the techniques new to the program.

ISFSI - The Voice: From FRI in Denver, Part II
This edition of The Voice is from Fire Rescue International in Denver, Colorado. Listen to Steve Pegram catch up with Steve Mormino, Dan Mack, Aaron Heller, and Kyle Kaechele!

More ISFSI: www.isfsi.org

ISFSI - The Voice: From FRI in Denver
This is part of one of a special Fire Rescue International edition of The Voice podcast. Here host Steve Pegram catch up fire service leaders at the International Association of Fire Chiefs Conference in Denver, Colorado. Steve chats with the likes of Billy Goldfedder and Vina Drennan.

ISFSI - The Voice: PowerPoint in the Classroom
This edition of The Voice features President Eddie Buchanan and host Steve Pegram discussing the use of PowerPoint in the classroom. Listen in as they discuss student-centered learning concepts and the proper use of audio-visual tools.

ISFSI - The Voice: NIST
This episode of The Voice features Dan Madrzykowski from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), an organization which has studied firefighter fatalities involving instructors. Dan provides life-saving information related to training, fire behavior, and ventilation. EVERY INSTRUCTOR and firefighter should listen to this! It could save your life!

ISFSI - The Voice: Chris Naum interview
This edition of The Voice features ISFSI 2nd Vice President Chris Naum discussing the importance of building construction in fire service training. Host Steve Pegram and Chris review significant fires throughout history and the lessons they provide on building construction.

ISFSI - The Voice: Dr. Denis Onieal interview
This edition of The Voice features Dr. Denis Onieal, superintendent of the National Fire Academy. Dr. Onieal discusses the various programs and benefits of the NFA with host, Steve Pegram. If you've heard of the NFA, but aren't sure about exactly why you should attend or how to apply, this podcast is for you!

ISFSI - The Voice: Billy Goldfeder interview
On this episode of The Voice, Steve Pegram talks with Billy Goldfeder about the upcoming Fire & EMS Safety Week. Billy is the Chair of the IAFC Safety & Health Section and cofounder of www.firefighterclosecalls.com. Listen to Billy and Steve discuss the origins of the "safety week" and how you can make a difference in your department.

ISFSI - The Voice: Live Fire Training Panel
This edition of The Voice features a panel discussing live fire training. On the panel are Dave Casey from the Florida Fire Marshal's Office, Mike Cardwell from the Warren County Career Center in Ohio, and Jeff Simpson, Battalion Chief with Hanover Fire & EMS in Virginia. Listen as the panel discusses best practices and issues related to live fire training.

ISFSI - The Voice: Frank Ricci on training
This episode of The Voice features Frank Ricci discussing hands on, practical training. If you have a good prop or hands-on technique, contact Frank at fricci@etsrescue.com to be featured on a future episode of The Voice!

ISFSI - The Voice: John Tippett
In this version of The Voice, Director Steve Pegram talks with John Tippett, Program Coordinator of the Firefighter Near Miss Program. They discuss how to incorporate the benefits of the Near Miss Program into the classroom.

ISFSI - The Voice: Rick Lasky, Chad Abel interviews
In this edition of The Voice, Steve Pegram and Eddie Buchanan of the International Society of Fire Service Instructors (ISFSI) talk with Chief Rick Lasky of the Lewisville (TX) Fire Department about what it means to be an instructor and the influence the instructor has in a fire department. They also talk with Chad Abel, president of the Indiana Fire Instructors Association, about the events going on in Indiana and the benefits of forming an ISFSI State Chapter.

ISFSI - The Voice: Interview with Forest Reeder
International Society of Fire Service Instructors (ISFSI) President Eddie Buchanan hosts The Voice, a new weekly radio version of the society's newsletter. In this premiere episode, Eddie discusses the mission of the ISFSI and talks to Forest Reeder, the 2008 George D. Post Instructor of the Year Award winner, about discovering new training opportunities and more

New player for the ISFSI


The Fire Engineering/ISFSI George D. Post Instructor of the Year Award recognizes individuals for extraordinary accomplishments in fire service training. The winner of the George D. Post Instructor of the Year Award: 

  • will have displayed a deep commitment to furthering the cause of the fire service through training;
  • will have advanced the cause of firefighter operational effectiveness and safety;
  • will have gone above and beyond the call of duty in training;
  • will have brought creativity and innovation to fire training programs, or will have shown great persistence in pursuing an innovative program; and
  • will have served as a positive model for other fire instructors and firefighters throughout the country.

The George D. Post Instructor of the Year Award marks individual accomplishment. Therefore, while members of an instructional team or ad hoc training group, for example, will be considered, nominations in the name of a fire department or training academy are not eligible.

Nominations must be received by December 31, 2013.

Download a nomination form HERE.

Live Fire Trainer Credentialing

The ISFSI Live Fire Instructor Credentialing Program is a unique blend of distance learning and an intense 3-day hands on academy focusing on the responsibilities of instructors charged with the important safety duties of a live fire instructor. This course is based on the most current NFPA 1403, Standard on Live Fire Training, for its content and references Live Fire Instructor Principles by Jones & Bartlett as its text. Students will complete an extensive online course prior to the hands on portion and will challenge a series of written and practical examinations to earn this 3 year credential.  

We are currently working on promoting the next stages of this credible program: Live Fire Training: Acquired Structure, Live Fire Training: Instructor in Charge. These programs should be piloted late 2013. To learn more about this program please contact, Jamie Lorello at Jamie.Lorello@isfsi.org

Get Involved with the ISFSI

The ISFSI has many standing committees that carry out the important work of the Society. Consider volunteering to work on a committee today! Contact the home office for more details. Committee appointments require an annual pledge contribution to participate and are board appointed. Please contact Leigh Hubbard, leigh.hubbard@isfsi.org to share your interest and to learn more.

  • Nominations & Elections
  • Audit & Finance
  • Bylaws
  • Membership Task Force
  • Credentialing Council
  • Training & Instructor Development
  • Board Development
  • FDIC Planning Committee
  • International Member Services
  • Sub-Sections
  • Fall Conference
  • Partnerships
  • George D Post Instructor of the Year
  • Accredited Fire Academy