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Firefighter Training

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Oregon Nation Guard Supplies 250 Newly Trained Firefighters

Sun, Aug 30, 2015

Additional members of the Oregon National Guard completed their week of wildland firefighter training at the Oregon Public Safety Academy in Salem Saturday evening. The training activities were conducted in the foothills of the Academy's 235 acre campus.

Military Training with Explosives Sparks 120-Acre Wildland Fire

Sat, Aug 29, 2015

Crews are fighting a brush fire on about 120 acres at Camp Williams Friday, and officials stated the fire was sparked during military training involving explosives

MI Fire Department Awarded $4.3 Million Grant

Fri, Aug 28, 2015

U.S. Representative Debbie Dingell said today that the Taylor (MI) Fire Department will get a $4.3 million grant form the federal government which will allow it to cover pay for 15 firefighters fo the next two years.

Identification Systems Group Announces Initiative to Improve Patient Safety

Thu, Aug 27, 2015

ISG offers exclusive products to provide complete systems of thermal wristbands, labels, printers that also include on-site consultation and ongoing, on-site service support.

Is There Any Benefit to the Traditional Timed Donning Drill?

Thu, Aug 27, 2015

We have all experienced the training session of timed donning: the evaluation of a trainee's speed and proficiency to go from normal street clothes to a fully encapsulated thermally and respiratory protected firefighter ready to battle heat, smoke, and toxic gases.

Targeted Recruitment Strategy Yields a Strong, Stable Membership

Thu, Aug 27, 2015

More than two-thirds of the United States' approximately 30,000 fire departments are staffed entirely by volunteers. However, across the nation, the number of volunteer firefighters is shrinking, down 13 percent since 1984.

Throw Back to Basics: Rotary Saw

Thu, Aug 27, 2015

In his new Throw Back to Basics, Brian Zaitz looks at this vital fire service tool and how best to operate it when it is needed most.

The Heroic Dream

Thu, Aug 27, 2015

We occupy, as IT has been said many times, a position in society that is unique-unique in many ways but none more critical to understand and appreciate than the uniqueness of the commitment of the firefighter, critical to understand for the firefighter and those who would choose to lead.

Oregon Firefighter Accused of Sexually Assaulting Another Firefighter

Wed, Aug 26, 2015

An arrest warrant has been issued for a former Port of Portland firefighter, accused of raping one of his coworkers on a work trip.

The Professional Volunteer Fire Department, Part 21—A Typical Night in a Volunteer Firehouse

Wed, Aug 26, 2015

Thomas A. Merrill finds hope from a successful night of drilling at the firehouse.

Firefighter Spouses Keep Home Running

Tue, Aug 25, 2015

For the thousands of firefighters on the front lines across the west, many of them have left families behind back home to help strangers in their time of need.

VIDEO: Samoan Fire Crew Performs Ritual Dance in Thanks While Fighting CA Wildfires

Tue, Aug 25, 2015

The crew of five veterans and 11 rookie firefighters from the National Park of American Samoa joined the Northern California wildfire force as part of their training.

IFE-USA Branch's Vision 20/20 project awarded grant

Mon, Aug 24, 2015

The Institution of Fire Engineers-USA Branch’s Vision 20/20 project has been awarded a DHS Fire Prevention and Safety Grant to expand its work in Community Risk Reduction and to promote the use of working smoke alarms.

Ocala (FL) Fire Rescue Firefighters Dash to Victims During Water Training Exercise

Mon, Aug 24, 2015

Fourteen Ocala Fire Rescue firefighters took turns performing the roles of victims and rescuers in an aquatic training exercise focused on effective removal of patients in distress from a body of water.

IAFF Invites Journalists to Embed with Firefighters at Conference

Sun, Aug 23, 2015

The IAFF invites journalists to join hundreds of professional fire fighter/paramedics as they receive the latest training at one of the world’s largest fire fighter safety and EMS conferences. 

IFE-USA Branch's Vision 20/20 Project Awarded Grant to Provide National Training

Wed, Aug 19, 2015

The Institution of Fire Engineers-USA Branch’s Vision 20/20 project has been awarded a DHS Fire Prevention and Safety Grant to expand its work in Community Risk Reduction and to promote the use of working smoke alarms.

Thousands Fighting Fires Across Washington State

Tue, Aug 18, 2015

More than 2,600 firefighters and support personnel are out fighting large fires in Washington state and 200 soldiers from Joint Base Lewis-McChord will join the fight.

Cincinnati Firefighters Concerned about Streetcar Wires

Mon, Aug 17, 2015

Cincinnati firefighters are wondering how they’re going to maneuver around the streetcar’s overhead wires in case the upper floors of a building along the route catch fire

New Proclamations for Capus Fire Safety Month

Mon, Aug 17, 2015

Alabama, Mississippi and South Dakota have provided proclamations for Campus Fire Safety Month, bringing us up to 14 for this year so far. This brings the number to 14.

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