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Truck Company Operations


Throw Back to Basics: Ground Ladder Markings

Ground ladders are critical firefighting tool; get them off the rig, practice with, them and ensure they are marked for use on the fireground, writes Brian Zaitz.

Truck Company Operations Articles

VIDEO: RI Deputy Chief Dies in Single-Car Accident

Bristol (RI) Fire Department Deputy Chief Frank Sousa was killed in an accident that took place at 6 p.m. on Thursday.

Fire Truck Damaged, Arrests Made After NY Festival

Five arrests were made related to Rochester's Puerto Rican Festival. Police also reported that the windshield of a Ro...

Opening Up

I'm sure someone told you early in your career not to bring the job home with you: "It's better that they don't ...

Hidden in Plain Sight

A condition, feature, or facet of a building omitted during preplanning can create an operational setback. ERIC G. BA...

Truck Company Videos


Training Minutes: Attacking the Lock

Watch some Training Minutes videos on forcible entry, specifically segments related to overcoming locks during these operations.

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VIDEO: RI Deputy Chief Dies in Single-Car Accident

August 28, 2015 Bristol (RI) Fire Department Deputy C...

Current Issue

Fire Engineering

July 2015
Volume 168, Issue 7
Imaging the Tube

Firefighting Engine Company Operations: Elephant Hunting with a BB Gun?

Big fires require as big a water flow as you can produce to extinguish, writes Paul Shapiro, and for firefightin... Read More


Imaging the Tube

2 Girls Die in Detroit (MI) House Fire

Two girls were killed early Wednesday in a suspicious house fire in Detroit, Michigan, after they reportedly refused ... Read More


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