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Truckless, USA

Brian Zaitz examines two concepts that hope to create a better and more managable and efficient fireground for understaffed companies.


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Training Bulletin: VES

VES is a quick, single-room search and rescue technique firefighters can use to search for and remove victims that ca...

Red Light, Green Light

For many of us, hearing the phrase "red light, green light" brings back many childhood memories of playing ...


New apparatus deliveries.

Use Open Sources of Intelligence as a Preplanning Aid

Gathering preplanning information is a challenge for departments with limited time and staffing, but applying the inf...

Tile Roof: Vertical Ventilation

The usual tactical mindset when ventilating asphalt shingles or built-up roofs doesn't fit tile roofs in part because...

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Electricity in the Air

Responding to an electriCAL emergency can always be an intriguing call.

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Training Bulletin: VES

January 29, 2015 VES is a quick, single-room search an...

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Fire Engineering

January 2015
Volume 168, Issue 1
Imaging the Tube

Firefighting Engine Company Operations: Elephant Hunting with a BB Gun?

Big fires require as big a water flow as you can produce to extinguish, writes Paul Shapiro, and for firefightin... Read More


Imaging the Tube

2 Girls Die in Detroit (MI) House Fire

Two girls were killed early Wednesday in a suspicious house fire in Detroit, Michigan, after they reportedly refused ... Read More


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