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Interpretive Dance: Hose Stream Comparison Test

Ray McCormack weighs in on a recent hose stream comparison test video.

Tactical Safety: Back to the Future

Those who clamor for early adoption of new firefighting tactics have to realize that people's lives will hang in the balance and not every test burn will end up successful, Ray McCormack writes.

Tactical Safety: A Prevention Message

The fire service needs to give itself credit for the successful operations and protection of lives and property that happen every day, Ray McCormack writes.

Tactical Safety: Short Cuts - Long Heals

Taking short cuts can lead to bad consequences on the fireground. But when those short cuts fail to result in disaster, bad habits can be reinforced, Ray McCormack writes.

Tactical Safety: Risk a Lot, Save a Lot

When a firefighter is faced with a decision to risk their life to try and save another life, they have reached the pinnacle of what being a firefighter is all about, Ray McCormack writes.

Another Fire Station Burns Down

When a fire station burns down with the apparatus inside, the community of firefighters and the community at large has been dealt a serious setback in fire protection.

DICERS-VO: Protecting the Egress

Ray McCormack on how applying the DICERS-VO model allows you to protect your egress point on the fireground.

Tactical Safety: A High Level of Risk

Why do fire departments resist change? Ray McCormack on new ideas and leaders who aren't focused on proficient firefighting operations and understanding the fireground.

Train Like You Fight Is a Theme

Training like you fight shouldn't be merely a slogan for one week, but rather should be the focus of fire departments all year long, writes Ray McCormack.

Staffing Reach

We hear a lot about staffing in the fire service. Ray McCormack says the main consideration is whether your staffing is adequate for the majority of your fire attack incidents.

DICERS-VO for Extinguishment

DICERS is a fire extinguishment model utilizing interior tactics to extinguish fires. Ray McCormack explains the individual aspects of this firefighting acronym.

Tactical Safety: The Three-Mile Bridge

The fire service is always traveling by bridge as it heads back and forth on topics of concern and popularity and for the passage of new ideas.

Tactical Safety: It's About Nozzle Reach, Not Stream Reach

Stream reach does not equal extinguishment, Ray McCormack writes, rather nozzle reach equals extinguishment.

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