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Under Construction - The Fire Department Training Program

Tue, Nov 4 2014 12:00:00

The training program is a living and dynamic tool combining resource demands, subject area distributions and other time sensitive information.  Many instructors and training officers will tell you it's best written out in pencil and it's always changing.  The old time circus act of the plates spinning on a stick illustrate the challenges of this important planning tool.  New things spin fast and get stuck up on their stick with ones that are wobbly due to inattention, lack of sexiness in the subject or the inevitable label that "they" said we had to train on this.


Firefighter Mental Health: Helping Your Own

Thu, Oct 23 2014 12:00:00

This focus is on fire and EMS personnel suicides. Anecdotal evidence indicates that firefighters' suicides have been increasing. Firefighters are known for their ability to help others, but when it comes to helping themselves or their own, they are at a loss, particularly when it involves mental health issues and suicide. When a firefighter takes his or her life, the family, friends, and coworkers are left with the questions: What happened? Why did it happen? How did we not see it coming? How could we have stopped it? This presentation answers these questions--and more. It also provides attendees with tools to help them recognize signs and symptoms, assess the risk level, and create appropriate resources within their departments and communities for addressing this serious issue.


Down and Dirty Mayday

Thu, Oct 9 2014 12:00:00

This program is for large and small departments. Case studies, group discussions, and new concepts used around the country to help mitigate the Mayday are used to enforce the lessons.

Sponsored by Avon Protection.


Training Liabilities 2014: Staying Out of the Danger Zone

Thu, Sep 25 2014 12:00:00 register:WEBCAST

Standpipe Operation Tactics

Thu, Sep 18 2014 12:00:00

This webcast, sponsored by Kochek Co., Inc., will examine why tactics for stretching and advancing hose lines from standpipes is often the best way to facilitate the strategy of protecting life.  It will examine conditions when taking harm away from occupants by rapidly controlling a fire and a protecting them in place can be more effective taking occupants away from harm by evacuation.