On Demand

Down and Dirty Mayday

Thu, Oct 9 2014 12:00:00

This program is for large and small departments. Case studies, group discussions, and new concepts used around the country to help mitigate the Mayday are used to enforce the lessons.

Sponsored by Avon Protection.


Training Liabilities 2014: Staying Out of the Danger Zone

Thu, Sep 25 2014 12:00:00 register:WEBCAST

Standpipe Operation Tactics

Thu, Sep 18 2014 12:00:00

This webcast, sponsored by Kochek Co., Inc., will examine why tactics for stretching and advancing hose lines from standpipes is often the best way to facilitate the strategy of protecting life.  It will examine conditions when taking harm away from occupants by rapidly controlling a fire and a protecting them in place can be more effective taking occupants away from harm by evacuation. 


Tactical Ventilation and Its Impact on Fireground Operations

Thu, Aug 7 2014 12:00:00

The instructors, each drawing on their 20-plus years of experience in the fire service and background in the testing arena, explains how fire departments can integrate recent research findings into firefighting operations and better protect members. The research has been conducted over the past several years by the fire service in conjunction with the fire protection engineering community to determine how fire department operations impact the fireground so that the fire service can refine its tactics and develop standard operating procedures to prevent deaths and injuries on the fireground. Modern fire dynamics and the impact of tactical ventilation on operations and firefighter survival are among the topics emphasized.

Please join us for this webcast sponsored by Super Vacuum.


Responding to and Preparing for Acts of Violence

Thu, Jul 17 2014 12:00:00

The instructor will define a scene of violence; highlight procedures for responding to scenes; identify types of scenes that are or could become violent; describe safety measures while en route, approaching, and working within a scene; and discuss multiple-agency response to scenes and unified command concepts as well as personal protective equipment. Participants will leave this webcast with a heightened state of safety and awareness regarding acts of violence. Please join us for this webcast sponsored by Avon Protection Systems.