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Fighting Cancer on the Fireground One Departments Model

25 June 2015

With firefighter cancer on the rise and the risks of cancer growing exponentially with today's dynamically toxic environment firefighters need to be more aware and take more precautions in order to remain healthy. Jacksonville Fire Rescue Department has begun an innovative program to try to improve firefighters health and safety by reducing their exposure to toxins on the fireground.

Join us for this webcast sponsored by Tempest Technology, and learn what JFRD is doing and what potentially more can be done to lower your risk of cancer from fighting fire.


Invisible Danger: How to Utilize The Power Of Wireless Gas Detection to Identify And Reduce Toxic Exposure

18 June 2015

In this Webcast, sponsored by RAE Systems, you’ll learn how to use wireless gas monitoring to create a culture of detection and protection that allows you to know what’s in the smoke, assess and track the toxins in the fireground to protect first responders and mutual aid teams, and keep the community safer. Now you can get real-time threat detection information delivered wirelessly to Mobile Devices, in response vehicles, on the scene, at the station – really wherever you are: for fireground and incident response and in overhaul.


Fireground Strategies: When Buildings Change the Rules of the Game

11 June 2015

The focus is on the issues firefighters must be aware of to operate more safely in the buildings we are entering. Students learn how different types of construction and occupancies change the rules of the game and how personnel on scene must adjust the strategy and tactics to meet that challenge. Renovations, lightweight and large-area structures, and vacant buildings and are also covered. Strategies regarding these buildings and their idiosyncrasies are highlighted, as are solutions to address these concerns.


Drills You Won’t Find in the Books

7 May 2015

The #1 question instructors get from around the country is, “Can you give us new ideas for company drills?” This workshop answers the above question with numerous creative and exciting drills and ideas for engine and ladder companies and individual firefighter skills. Many of the drills are based on line-of-duty death or close-call incidents. Others come from training manuals that have been out of print for 30 years. Tricks of the trade come from senior department members and retired firefighters. If these trade secrets aren’t shared, they will be lost with each retirement.  Find out more in this webcast, sponsored by TargetSolutions.


Reduce Your Toxic Exposure: How Wireless Gas Detection Increases Firefighter, EMS and Public Safety

8 April 2015

This Webcast,  sponsored by RAE Systems, will provide you with insight into increasing fireground safety, and the use of turn-key wireless gas detection solutions to reduce the risk of prolonged exposure to poisonous and harmful gases and substances. You’ll hear from an expert in fireground gas detection and various fire departments that have implemented off-the-truck wireless gas detection as their SOP.