E-Learning in the Fire Service: Course Development Creation and Training

24 March 2015

Students will be introduced to several learning management systems (LMS) available for the fire rescue community for storing online content.


On Demand

Forcible Exiting: The Fortified Rear Door

5 March 2015

This webcast, sponsored by Cutters Edge, presents the knowledge and skills needed for this situation and emphasizes rotary saw and chain saw applications. Students completing this class will be able to identify forcible exiting situations, select the appropriate tools and techniques, and make quick and safe entry into a closed structure.


Attack from the Burned Side: New Age Tactics and Tasks

12 February 2015

This webcast, sponsored by TargetSolutions, presents different tasks and tactics that can be used to extinguish fires that originate on the exterior and extend into the attic. Using case studies and practical experience, students examine fallacies that have led to firefighter injuries and deaths.


Fireground Decision Making for Suburban Company Officers

8 January 2015

This presentation demonstrates the critical importance of having educated, experienced fireground decision-making processes and stimulating discussions toward achieving consistently safe coordinated fire attacks.


Company Officer Development: Red Flags on the Fireground

11 December 2014

Red flags are indicators of impending danger or risk. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health has identified five of the top factors contributing to firefighter line-of-duty deaths: lack of command and control, inadequate risk assessment, inadequate communication, lack of accountability, and a lack of or failure to follow standard operating procedures. In this interactive session, students will view video and listen to audio that relate to these predictable problems; best practices for officers will then be discussed.