Understanding the Physical Effects of Firefighting
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Approximately one hour.
James Brown, Research Director, Indianapolis (IN) Fire Department

The course reviews current research in firefighter health and safety as it pertains to the cardiovascular (CV) stress associated with structural fire suppression operations. Types, magnitudes, and sources of CV stress are discussed within the setting of fireground operations; real incident data (physiological, video, etc) are used to illustrate stress in action. Research findings are translated into discussion points as they pertain to the individual firefighter, command and control decision making, and administrative planning and policy making.

All attendees should leave the course with a greater understanding of how and why structural firefighting imposes cardiovascular stress. Learn how and why you respond to the job and how to better prepare for its rigors, how the fire scene as a whole imposes stress on firefighters and how to mitigate some of these stresses, and the impact of policy decisions on the health and safety of firefighters.

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James Brown Research Director Indianapolis (IN) Fire Department  
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