Extrication Zone: Principles of Extrication
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Approximately one hour.
Les Baker, Engineer/Paramedic, Charleston (SC) Fire Department

Regardless of the degree of vehicle damage and the resulting level of entrapment, it is the responsibility of the responders to safely and effectively mitigate motor vehicle collisions. The foundation for successful mitigation is a solid, strong set of strategies based on the incident conditions. The strategies should be communicated, and the disentanglement supervisor should determine the most appropriate initial and secondary tactics. Along with the direction and control of the supervisor, the disentanglement group members should have the capability to carry out those tactics in a professional manner. Responders should be well educated in the interaction between the spreader and cutter operator, specific working principles of various supplementary tools, and the application of those tools for certain tactics. This knowledge increases the likelihood of a successful set of extrication tactics that accomplishes the overall strategy and ultimately increases patient outcomes and survival rates.

Please join us for this Fire Engineering webcast sponsored by Amkus.

Les Baker Engineer/Paramedic Charleston (SC) Fire Department  
AMKUS, Inc. :

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