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Fire Dynamics

In Fire Engineering’s Fire Dynamics Topic center, you will find the latest information from around the world on fire behavior, dynamic fire events, and how to recognize, respond to and survive hostile fire events.

Here is your one-stop location for tactics you can use when faced with dynamic fire conditions. Read news stories about technology such as foam and cameras that can give you a fighting chance against nature’s most destructive foe.

Learn about the latest fire research and what others are doing with this knowledge. Arm yourself with knowledge on personal protective equipment, building construction, extinguishment agents, and the latest firefighting science and technology. When you need to know all about dynamic fire behavior get it from the source serious firefighters have trusted for 133 years--Fire Engineering.

Link:  Fire Dynamics Zone


The mission is always first, and surviving the mission is what the Survival Zone is all about. What you wear, how you wear it, what you bring to the fight and how you use it, what you know and don’t know all affect your survival. The difference between survival and disaster can boil down to the most seemingly insignificant issue. The serious firefighter knows that nothing is insignificant.

The Survival Zone will give you insights into how others face insurmountable odds and survived; how right tool use can make the difference; why properly constructed and properly worn gear is a sign of the professional. The survival zone provides information about mental toughness, the latest in survival training, gaining the edge in any situation from confined space to swift water rescue. Survival favors the prepared mind. Share your survival techniques and tips and read about theose who found themselves challenged and were ready. There is no second place in survival.

Link:  Survival Zone sponsored by PBI Performance Products Inc.

Extrication Zone

Welcome to your primary Web resource for all things extrication, covering everything from vehicle extrication tools and tactics to new vehicle technology, hybrids, and alternative fuel vehicles. Here you'll find news on vehicle incidents and rescues as well as extrication articles from Fire Engineering's extensive archives. There's also vehicle extrication photos, videos, and Webcasts, and a new monthly extrication column by Jason Emery that profiles new cars on the market, highlighting vehicle features and potential hazards for rescuers.

Link:  Extrication Zone 


The mission--save lives and protect property--never changes, but tactics, how we accomplish this inspired work, continually advance and evolve, affected by the advances and opportunities we receive from new technologies.  In Fire Engineering's Tech Zone, sponsored by Firehouse software, you will stay informed about the new technologies available to the fire service and those being developed for the fire service.

Being prepared is the keystone of our oath to service; preparation is based on the knowledge and access to the best and most effective tools possible. In the Tech Zone, you will always find the latest tools, software, apparatus improvements, safety advances, computer technology, mapping tools, and insightful articles on how to make these advances work for you. The articles are written by fellow firefighters using the tools written by the manufacturers and evaluations by folks like NIST and UL. Read our Tech Today columns to review the latest new releases featured in Fire Engineering, as well as a section devoted to our annual Technology Roundup. Be informed, connected, and prepared. Visit the Tech Zone regularly and never be the last to know again.

Link: Tech Zone

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