Issue 1 and Volume 1.

PROVIDING AGAINST FIRE How ofton do we see it stated in descriptions of now buildings, manufactories, hotels, warehouses, etc., that the establishmot is amply provided with the means of extinguishing fires should such occur in the building. Then follows an enumeration of the number of hydrants in the building, the number of fire extinguishers, length of hose, etc. All this is very well, but it is bettor calculated to effect a reduction in tho rate of insurance than to provide adequate protection against liro. This fonndiablo array of fire apparatus is absolutely valuless in a firo emergency unless it is controlled by a trained body of men, and experience teaches that this is always the one thing wanting at tho proper moment. Factory and hotel employes are not calculated to make efficient Firemen unless systematically trained to operate the machinery at thoir disposal. There must be, also, an executive head…

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