That Ferocious Fire Fiend.

Issue 1 and Volume 1.

That Ferocious Fire Fiend. Insurance companies get spasms of neutral activity whenever an epidemic of fires break out. In these latter days fires do not come us epidemics. We read of them in former times us in Evelyn’s diary of the great London fire, and of histories of the fire in New York during the British occupation, but civilization produces conflagrations of vastly greater extent. Tho London fire did not equal in destruction of values or in area the Chicago affair, and the New York’ fire pales before that of St. John’s, which it much resembled. In these days, it seems as if American cities reproduced the characteristics of Constantinople or Yeddo, places famous for their repeated conflagrations. But in Yeddo, when a fire breaks out, the people simply move out of tho district and pull down the buildings to confine tho destruction to a limited space. They live in…

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