Issue 1 and Volume 1.

FIRE APPARATUS The old maxim that “the best is the cheapest” can be applied nowhere with more pertinency than to fire apparatus. In this is to be included every thing pertaining to tho equipment, in firstclass style, of a fire company, from the must improved steam fire engine to the minutest and most insignificant tool required for the perfect working of the apparatus and the Firemen. It is impossible to do good work with poor tools, and the best organized body of Firemen in the world cannot be expected to protect the property of their neighbors unless they are provided with tho requisite appliances for doing the work. How often we read in accounts of fires of engines being totally disabled through the bursting of its cheap hose, or the disarrangement of some portion of its equipment that had boen bought because it was cheap. This consideration of “ cheapness…

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