Water for Fire Extinguishment

Issue 1 and Volume 1.

Water for Fire Extinguishment Several months ago the Metropolitan Board of Works, of London, directed Sir Joseph Bazalgett, in conjunction with Messrs. Bramwell and Easton, to carry out a series of practical experiments upon the question of fire jets, which should put beyond all doubt the engineering points involved. The result of these experiments is recapitulated as follows in a paper prepared by the last two engineers, and recently read before the British Association at Plymouth: With a very low jet, say of some 30 feet, about seven-eights of the head or pressure effective at the orifice of the jet will be obtained, as the height of the column of water—that is to say, 40 feet of head at the orifice would give a jet of about 35 feet in perfectly still air ; but as the heights of jets are increased, and increased they must be, if they are…

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