Issue 1 and Volume 1.

Correspondence. SAN FRANCISCO. SAN FRANCISCO, CAL., NOV. 4, 1877. Editors National Fireman’s Journal: GENTLEMEN: Your prospectus has reached. the Firemen of our city, and a general endorsement of your new project meets me at every turn. I need only to say that these are anxiously looking for the arrival of the first number. It has been a general wonder why the Firemen of this country have not long ago had a journal of their own, especially when one recalls the thousands that are scattered throughout the United States. We shall give you our cordial support in this section, and aid in circulating the JOURNAL throughout the upper country. We have rather a selfish feeling here as to our department; that is, outsiders may think so ; hut we are second to none in the States, and one of the main roasons is that it has at its head one of…

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