Stolen Wit.

Issue 1 and Volume 1.

Stolen Wit. —A small boy having devoured a shoemaker’s awl, a surgeon was sent for, but alas, it was tool ate. —“No, ma’am,” said a grocer to an applicant, for credit, “I wouldn’t even trust my own feelings.” —There is one sight in Rome that recalls the national game of poker to the Americans. Tho Call 1 soo ’em. —“ My lord,” said the foreman of a Welsh jury, when giving in tho verdict, “ Wo find tho man who stole the mare not guilty.” —An old man, when dangerously sick, was urged to take tho advice of a physician, but objected, saying, “ l wish to die a natural death.” —A contemporary says defaulting hank presidents generally go to Borne, Switzerland. They deservo to go to burn in an entirely different direction. —“ Tho single scull race! ” exclaimed an old lady, as she laid down her morning newspaper,…

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