Issue 1 and Volume 1.

JERSEY CITY, N. J. Fireman’s Hall was crowded on last Tuesday evening, a report having been circulated that the Commissioners intended to make a lively stirring up among the Buffalo’s. It was quite amusing to hear the boys express themselves on the probable result. “We will get agraud bounce, you see if we don’t,” said an uptown member. “It ain’t much 1039; $75 won’t kill me,” said another. “Who wants to buy an eight-comb cap,” said a third; and a little stumpy chap cried out, “Them Commissioners have got no consideration for gentlemen’s sons.” Eight o’clock arrived and found Commissioners Parsons, Meehan, O’Donnell, Wiudecker and Ayers present, with the genial gohappy Clerk of the Board, Jun Do re m us, but the worthy President. Charles L. Krugler, was absent through sickness. Chief Engineer Coyle occupied his usual seat in the southeast corner, while Assistant-Chief Mahony, Jr., officiated in thegeneral office.…

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