Minor Topics

Issue 2 and Volume 1.

Minor Topics The Pittsburgh Telegraph is clamorous for the removal of Chief Evans, and the ro-instatement of ex-Chief White. That paper lauds White to the skies and depreciates Evans. We have no knowledge regarding either of the gentlemen named, but judge that the Telegraph’s article is somewhat overcast with prejudice. New Orleans paper complain that there is a scarcity of water in that city. Tho trouble seems to he a lack of mains and hydrants, which leaves large sections of the city almost totally unprepared for fires. Therefore the papers urge the utmost caution on the part of all citizens, that no opportunity he given for a fire to get started. I The French think they have discovered the secret of safety in a law which fastens the responsibility for a firo on the person in whose premises it originated, and prevents him from recovering insurance on the property burned.…

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