Issue 2 and Volume 1.

THE INSURANCE INCENDIARY How far the Insurance Companies are responsible for tho numerous fires occuring all over tho country, is a question which is not only interesting Firemen at the present time, but also the insurance men themselves. It is not to be supposed, of course, that insurance companies employ incendiaries to burn up property which shall involve them in loss, but the rockless manner in which some of the companies over-insure property, is offering a premium to the owner to turn incendiary, and burn up his property for the sake of tho insurance. The fact, too, that persons guilty of arson are so seldom brought to punishment, is another inducement to tho porpetration of the crime. If this was a matter that affected only tho insurance companies and the assured, we would say let incendiarism rage, for those companies that insure property away bell ut, large has an interest…

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