Hold the Nozzle Low

Issue 2 and Volume 1.

Hold the Nozzle Low An old fireman, writing to the Portland, Me., Press, gives the following excellent advice, which is both practical and scientific, and, if generally acted on, would save much loss, both from deluge and flame. “One gallon of water at the bottom of a fire will do more to quench it than ten gallons at the top. Play low, is the true motto of the Fireman. If the first engine that reached the Summit street fire, in Boston, had burst into the warehouse and played into the goods elevator, where the fire broke out, it would probably have saved fifty millions of dollars. To play on the roof of a house on fire, is to waste water ; the roof was made to shed water ; the rain does not put out the kitchen fire ; nor would the Presumpscot, flowing bodily on the roof, put out…

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