Punish the ÒFirebugs.Ó

Issue 2 and Volume 1.

Punish the “Firebugs.” Referring to the prevalence of incendiarism all over the country, the Troy Times says : “The fact may be stated that there is evidence enough of this sort of devilish work every month in Troy and West Troy. Yet we cannot remember at the present time of a single conviction for this great crime, either in this or any of the adjoining counties. If any arrests have been made they have been so few in number, and have made such a slight impressiou upon the public mind, there is now little or no recollection of them. The crime is one of the most fearful in all of the category of transgressions, and for arson in the first degree—setting fire to a building that is occupied by any person or persons—it is a capital offense, the same as the crime of murder. And yet how very’ trivial are…

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