Hose for Chicago

Issue 3 and Volume 1.

Hose for Chicago M. Benner, Fire Marshal of tho Chicago Fire Department, has ordered from the Eureka Fire Hose Company of this city, 10,000 feet of celebrated “Eureka” Seamless Cotton Hose, to replace the Rubber Hose now used by the Department. The adoption of this hose by the Chicago Department will carry great weight in favor of tho “Eureka” throughout tho entire West. Mr. Marshal Benner, after giving the “ Eureka” hose a test trial of nearly two years in his Department, finds it, at the end of that time, os perfect and sound as when first put in service. The hose, at the ond of two years, was subjected to a water prossure of 850 pounds per square inch, without bursting. It was his intention to have bursted a section ; but having no pressure gauge that would indicate over 850 pounds, was unable to ascertain its bursting point,…

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