The Philadelphia Department.

Issue 3 and Volume 1.

The Philadelphia Department. Touching the question of reducing tho number and pay of Firemen in that city, we find the following communication in the Philadelphia Ledger: Mr. Editor:—I see that it is proposed to reduce, Hot only the pay, but the number of Firemen in this city. The fact that there is required of a Fireman not only bravery, activity, constant watchfulness, day and night service seven days in the week, and that he shall risk the most horrible of deaths by accident, besides being liable to congestion and rheumatism after the most exhausting of labors—may weigh nothing in the matter of what salary he shall receive. Humanity generally counts for little in app rtioning salaries. But, perhaps, the matter of reduction of the force may, when shown to effect the pockets of property owners and insurance companies, be abandoned. Tho Fire Department of this city, under an excellent Chief,…

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