Recent Fires and Their Lessons.

Issue 3 and Volume 1.

Recent Fires and Their Lessons. The Chronicle, an able insurance journal, published in this city, commenting on the recent destructive fires in Chicago, Fall River and New Haven, involving the loss of $2,000,000, finds the lessons taught by them to be;“ 1. When fire is allowed to get headway in high buildings, in which inflammable goods are stored or manufactured, it is almost impossible to extinguish it before the contents are greatly damaged or entirely destroyed. 2. The inutility, or utter uselessness, of appliances provided for extinguishing fires in such buildings, when they are not kept in proper order and placed in the hands of trained firemen for operation.” Illustrating the latter proposition, the Chronicle says of the Field & Leiter fire, “ It appears that a number of employes of the establishment were present immediately after the fire was first discovered, and busied themselves trying to extinguish the flames…

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