Blockaded Streets at Fires.

Issue 3 and Volume 1.

Blockaded Streets at Fires. The Philadelphia Bulletin touches upon a practical topic in a. very practical way, thusly: “One of the effects produced by the fire last evening, was to block the cars on Walnut, Eighth, Ninth and Tenth streets; the stoppage on Tenth street of course stopped running on Eleventh, that on Eighth stopped running on Green, Coates and Fourth. The blockade was put down at a little after six o’clock, and was not raised until considerably after eight o’clock—just about the most inconvenient two hours for such a break in travel that could have been selected from the entire twenty-four. So serious a disturbance of the economy of the city as was this, should not be permitted ; especially when the means for preventing it are so simple and so cheap. The blockade was caused by lines of hose across the car tracks, and all that was required…

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