What is Said of Us.

Issue 3 and Volume 1.

What is Said of Us. [From the Asbury Park (N. J.) Journal.] A new departure in the journalistic field is brought to our notice this week, by the arrival of the first number of the NATIONAL FIREMAN’S JOURNAL, a weekly paper, published in New York, and devoted fo the interests of Firemen in all parts of the country. The field is large, and the JOURNAL bids fair to occupy it in a manner creditable to both its proprietors and to the class it represents. We notice at the head of its columns the name of^our old friend P. Y. Everett, the renowned Ocean Grove correspondent, and an old journalist, and we regard this as proof positive that it will be a first-class paper. In the first number we find some’excellent articles on ’’Insecure Buildings,” “Fire Apparatus,” ” Providing against Fire,” some interesting reminesences of the old New York volunteer department,…

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