Fires in Mills.

Issue 3 and Volume 1.

Fires in Mills. The London, England, Firemen recently printed a valuable article on the subject of “Fires in Cotton Mills,” which contains facts and suggestions applicable to mills of all kinds. The principal causes of fires in mills is said to be: 1. Friction in shafting, gearing, and machinery, where bearings get heated, either from being out of line, want of oil, or being lubricated with oil of an inferior quality. 2. Defective gas arrangements ; and under this head is included careless lighting up, to which fully twenty per cent, of conflagrations in cotton mills can be traced. 3. Playing with matches, or matches being left on floors and getting into cotton, so passing through the machinery and striking fire. 4. Heaps of oily waste, sweepings, etc., being permitted to remain undisturbed in corners, and igniting spontaneously. 5. Incendarism, or smoking on the premises. This latter is criminal carelessness,…

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