Minor Topics.

Issue 3 and Volume 1.

Minor Topics. The Croton Water System has cost New York City since 1842, $34,692,103.73. The amount of revenue received by the Croton Board in that period was $30,105,338.80, leaving a deficiency of $4,586,704.93. The supply of water being inadequate, it is proposed to duplicate the system cost. The “ pickings and stealings ” will be immense. In fact “there’s millions in it-” The Correspondence of the JOURNAL has been a most interesting feature of our paper thus far, and we have no doubt but it will continue to be We ask our correspondents to state what so. they want to say in a crisp, spicy and brief manner. They have shown no signs of prosiness thus far, but, as our letters are likely to be necessarily have to ask all to be brief letters from every Fire Department in the land, and will accord space to them all. Chicago is…

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