The Albany Department.

Issue 3 and Volume 1.

The Albany Department. The Fire Commissioners of Albany have just handed in their report to the Common Council, in which it appears that the total amount raised by tax for the support of the department in 1876 was $108,720.30, and there was received by the Chamberlain and placed to the credit of the department, during the fiscal year, the sum of $914.35, making the total amount to its credit $109,633,95, or 12,846.85 more than during the last fiscal year. The total expenditures for the year ending Oct. 31, 1877, were $91,615.60, including the som of $6,512.10 paid for new hose, and the sum of $1,324.61 paid for improving the fire-alarm telegraph. The outstanding indebtedness of the department, chargeable to current expenses, amounts to $3,000, and the balance to the credit of this account, and in the hands of the Chamberlain, is $4,508.03, showing a clear balance of $1,508.02. There is…

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