Defective Flues.

Issue 3 and Volume 1.

Defective Flues. At this season of the year, when winter fire are being lighted for tho first time, a fruitful source of danger is from fires arising from defective flues. The Boston Commercial Bulletin, in a timely article on the subject, declares that many of these fires could doubtless be prevented if the occupants of the buildings in which they occur understood the details in the construction of those portions of the premises which are most intimately connected with the chimneys, A very common source of danger is the thimble or place whore the stovepipe enters the flue. Outside of the brickwork forming the wall of the chimney, it is the custom to nail furring, generally 1x3 inches, and formerly held to the brickwork by nails driven into the joints. The fact that the lathing and plastering are outside of the furring necessitates a projection of about two or three…

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