Fire Engines.

Issue 3 and Volume 1.

Fire Engines. Fire Marshal Benner, of Chicago, was, the other day, questioned by an Inter Ocean reporter concerning the Cincinnati engines, which Mr. Miles Greenwood thinks are particularly adapted for use in Chicago. “I consider the boiler of the Cincinnati engine,” said Mr. Benner, “the best fire engine boiler that was ever invented, and it cannot be denied that their pumps are very powerful. Nevertheless, the machine has defects which make it, in my opinion, undesirable for use in Chicago. “ What are those defects ?” asked the reporter. “Well, in the first place,” said Mr. Benner, “their first-class engines weigh seven or eight tons. When you consider the condition of our streets, you will understand the difficulty of handling such heavy machines. There is no place in the world like Chicago for mud.” “ What is the next objection ?” “ The engines are worked by a single piston.…

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