Give Them the Best.

Issue 3 and Volume 1.

Give Them the Best. Some of the apparatus of the Chicago Fire Department does not seem to give the greatest satisfaction. The Chicago Tribune awards anstinted praise to the Firemen for their work at the Field & Leiter fire last week, but says that “while the efforts of the Firemen were beyond praise, it was at the same time a general matter of comment that their materials were utterly inadequate to the emergency. There was not one engine there that could throw’an effective stream of water into the windows of the fifth story. The most they could do was to wash the walls, and, unfortunately, this did not hinder the deadly progress of the flames within. The spectators praised the firemen, but, as a general rule, were loud in their denunciation of our little engines. Some were heaad to wish that the old Long John were back again, even if…

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