Carbolized Hose.

Issue 3 and Volume 1.

Carbolized Hose. In view of the controversy which has been going on, in Philadelphia, over the contract for 5,000 feet of hose, it is well to print the terms of the advertisement inviting proposals, which required the hose “to be made of Sea Island cotton duck, twenty-two ounces to the yard, and treated with carbolic acid and frictioned, with core and covering of pure Para rubber, and to stand the pressure of four hundred pounds to the square inch. No bid entertained except from manufacturing companies direct. Samples to accompany bids. Parties furnishing the hose to guarantee its durability for two years, replace all hose that may burst with new sections, if required by the board, and give a bond, with two sureties (residents of this city) for the faithful performance of contract.” Nine proposals were presented, the highest of which was $1.15 per foot, and the lowest 69 cents,…

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