Issue 3 and Volume 1.

TUBE WELL FIRE HYDRANTS- Our Minneapolis correspondent last week referred to tho tube well fire hydrants used in that city as auxiliary to the water supply. The writer has seen these tube well fire hydrants in operation, and can knowingly speak of their advantages to villages that are inadequately supplied with water. They are the ordinary tube well, so much used in this country for domestic and manulacturingpurposes. A “gang” of tubes, numbering from four to a dozen, as may be necessary, are driven into the ground at the intersection of streets, ten or twenty feet apart; when water is reached, the tubes are brought together in a common centre, in the shape of a hydrant. ‘Phis is made like an ordinary hydrant, to which a steam or hand engine may be connected to take suction. If water is found at any depth less than thirty feet, the engines have…

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