Care of Hose.

Issue 3 and Volume 1.

Care of Hose. At the meeting of the State Fireman’s Association, held in August last, a committee was appointed to consider the question of “Hose and its proper care.” The committee submitted the following report— “Your committee, to whom the topic “hose, and proper care of same,” was referred, would submit the following: The care of hose we consider a very important duty in all departments. For leather hose it should be thoroughly wushed, cleaned, oiled, and hung up to dry immediately after use ; for linen and rubber hose the same, with exception of oiling. The methods for wash, ing hose are numerous, and most of them good, but the process of drying hose should be proper, ly attended to. A hose tower of proper height to allow the hanging up of hose at full length, should be in every department, and the hose and tower in charge of…

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