“Alderman Kirk, of Chioago.”

Issue 3 and Volume 1.

Alderman Kirk, of Chioago. In the first number of the JOURNAL, our spirited Chicago correspondent stated that there was a certain Alderman in that city, who was ambitious to supersede Fire Marshal Benner in his official position. It was also intimated that one of the fire tugs was employed upon the river to afford protection to the said Alderman’s soap factory. The Chicago Tribune, taking it for granted that the JOURNAL correspondent referred to Alderman Kirk, sent a reporter to “interview ” him on the subject. Here is what the Alderman had to say, according to the reporter’s account. “ The Alderman laughed heartily at the story. “Why,” said he, “ I wouldn’t be Fire Marshal for $50,000 a year. The soap trade is good enough for me. It is quite true that I spend a good deal of time over the Department; as Chairman of the Committee on Fire…

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