Bandom Sparks.

Issue 3 and Volume 1.

Bandom Sparks. —Chicago’s late fire loss is set down at $900,000. —The Worcester, Mass., Fire Department is to be reduced on the first of December. —Fire Wardens are to be appointed by the Common Council of Orange, N. J. Engine Co., No. 2 of Portland, N. B., are to have a now house. —The first fire in seven months took place in Brockton, Mass., last week. —Protection Hose No. 1, of Schenectedy, N. Y,, havo a grand ball Thanksgiving eve. —John Kuno and Joseph Bremeline woro expelled from Steamer No. 4 of Poughkeopsie for neglect of duty. —William Howard is being strongly supported for Chief Knginoer of tho Fire Dept., of Poughkeepsie. —An effort is being made in Boston, to put out of office Ex-Chief Engineer J. 8. Dumroll, who holds the office of Inspector of Buildings. —John A. Dam roll, Ex-Chief Engineer of tho Boston Fire Department, has been…

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