What is Said of Us

Issue 4 and Volume 1.

What is Said of Us [From the Mining Record.] We welcome the appearance of the NATIONAL FIREMAN’S JOURNAL, published every Saturday, at 56 Park Place, under the editorial conduct of Col. Clifford Thomson and P. Y. Everett. The aim of this new-comer in the wide field of journalism, will be to give all important news relating to or of interest to the members of the Fire Department in all sections. We know Col. Thomson to be an experienced, able writer, and arc very sure he will make the FIREMAN’S JOURNAL a valuable special publication. [From the Chronicle (Insurance) Journal.) NATIONAL FIREMAN’S JOURNAL is the title of a new sixteen page weekly, published in this city by Everett, Thomson & Co. The first number of the JOURNAL contains much information that cannot fail to be interesting and useful to Firemen, whose warm approval and substantial support the new enterprise is entitled…

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