Minor Topics.

Issue 5 and Volume 1.

Minor Topics. There were several incendiary fires in Auburn last month. Where, oh! where is the hangman? Soloman Pickard, of Truck 1, of Auburn, is believed to be the oldest active Fireman in the State. He has been on active fire duty for thirtyone years. Thomas Mansell, of Hose fi, of Aubnrn, who played in tho Auburn Nine of last year, will play in the same club tho coming year. The activity of a Fireman’s lifo should make him a good base ballist. To insure immediate insertion, correspondents lhript they wiu bn sur reach us by Wednesday at the latest, This is necessary in order that the JOURNAL may he ready for delivery every S iturday mornpromptly. From the 1⅛1f mTarkabte fires which we print elsewhere, it will be seen that Constantinople is not a healthy place for insurance comP Between the year 1777 and 1850 it was be6tro an…

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