The Fire.

Issue 5 and Volume 1.

The Fire. Hush, hark, that knell What means that bell? That rousing swell It dies, It sinks, in parted links. Again It thrills! Again it fills Waking, shaking, leaping higher, Deeply rolling with embodied lire. See that smoke I See that cloud Darker, denser, wider growing, Rising, falling, searching, blowing. Again that stroke ! See that crowd I Rushing, pushing, shouting, yelling, Love to save, each bosom swelling— Swelling, swelling, swelling. Place the engine ! Seize the hose I I .el the water boldly float On the tiendish, flery foes, And the engine puff her throat. Hear those names 1 Hear those claims I Save me, father? Save me, mother I Sister, save me I Save me, brother I Oh I hear that faint dispairing cry I No more. Those lips in ashes lie. Raise the stream I Raise the stream I Oh I love and life are sinking, failing,…

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